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  1. Kayo


    Well this happens quite a lot on IM programs.. If your smart enought not to accept weird files from people you shouldn't have any problems
  2. Kayo

    My Invisble Woman

    Besides a few minor details like that shade and flesh from the boots its good stuff
  3. Kayo

    Should forum fun + games be..

    Yes. Its good to have fun, but shouldn't increase cash , posts..
  4. Kayo

    Hey check out my new Sig. Do you Think is is cool?

    Well the flashy text is a bit hard on the eyes.. not my type of thing.. so 6.5/10
  5. Kayo

    Need graphics program

    did you install that visual runtime gimp requires ? If you didn't well... that's the problem
  6. Kayo

    A Cafepress Shop

    If it won't be too expensive , I would buy a hat or shirt.
  7. I like it the way it is. I like grey skins
  8. Kayo

    Chris is an...

    Wow... this leaving thing is like a trend..
  9. Kayo

    Linux anyone ?

    so you think.. Linux is a browser ?
  10. Kayo

    Linux anyone ?

    Does anyone here use linux ? If you do , what distribution ? I use Madrake Linux and I got a mandrake move CD with a CD bootable linux which I use when I got to travel somewhere. Any other linux fans around ?
  11. I have a couple of suggestions to inproove the forum 1. A Karma system (aka member rating) This is very easy , when someone does something helpful to the forum , he gets 1 Karma star (they are like warning stars , but positive) Its a good way to rate members. 2. Post wrappers I think members should be able to customize they're posts more. A post wrapper is a little section added in the profile where you can select what color , style , font etc your post should have. Mostly useless but fun 3. I was thinking about a shoutbox.. but that only works well on smaller forums. 4. Gang Icons Official gangs should have a icon to represent them and each member should have the icon in they're member group. This way it will be easy to see what gang a member belongs to and will make things cleaner. Just my two cents.. please comment on my suggestions
  12. Kayo

    Severe inactivity

    Yes , I visited GTAP a long time ago before I was a member and I saw major inactivity and I got discouraged to join. Now I can say its quite good. Its not such a big forum , and I like that.
  13. Kayo


    Who would want your account ? It looks like leaving is a trend. yay... I'm leaving too. Damn , I'm cool now
  14. Kayo

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm listening to spaz's evil laughter after he saw we won the war Actually.. I'm just listening to 2pac - only god can judge me