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    San Andreas

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    Gangstaz Paradise
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    -Playing Computer<br>-Hang-out with my friends<br>-Watch TV<br>-Playing girls

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  1. aw... good to see one of my first friends in this forums

  2. Legend till the end.

    Will be missed.

  3. ^ is right < is back V happy in this forums
  4. Everybody listen. I'm leaving now. Sorry about the noobitics action that i does. Spazmodically_Insane, Sorry what i have said last time. Sky, once again, I'm not konstantinos29. Good luck to Slavik, Woozie2, milkyboy, barfy, Aemboy15, Konstantinos29, Ar-v294 and to all my friends specially Crimson Dragon A.K.A Vincent Valentino. Thanks for Chris A.K.A Pyr0xide for being a good and best admin of all. Good bye to all. I'm leaving. Geno good luck to your gang called A.R.R and to Remy of E.L.R. and to DS of Spazmodically_Insane, Sorry Hey Konstantinos. Good Luck homie! Peace out! I hope thegtaplace will become the #1 in forums! Good Luck pyroxide. Good bye to everbody.
  5. ^ is wrong because the truth is you fallen in love with my dog's grandpa. < don't like sex topics v is a green minded person
  6. I really don't see what the big deal is about Green Day. They suck if you ask me. Why did you hate Green Day? I like only the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Basketcase and Holiday.
  7. Konsta is right! Haitians is the best! They will beat up the cubans!
  8. ^ is wrong < loyal site member v is cool
  9. I have NBA 1999 - 2005. I collect them all. They are all cool..
  10. I played NBA Live 2005. That's my 2nd favoite game. Do you play NBA Live?
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