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  1. Ok,i have the gimp ,but it wont let me veiw my pcs,wtf is wrong?
  2. Hey,I need links to good graphics prgrams(all i need is free trials) I really want to try making sigs,but I can find any good downloads ,so can someone please help me?
  3. They work for me,and dude your sigs to big.
  4. Your time machine takes you to mike subuzis 5th birth day party,at his house,muhahaha *I wish I had a girlfriend :'(
  5. Damnit Bryce Why do you always find it funny when some one makes mistakes ,tell me that and ill leave you alone,just because im a n00b dosent mean you have to treat me like shit!
  6. Yeah well,this is crimson,I only left for one reason,I thought my dad was gona take my comp away ,he found me looking at somthing I shouldent,but he says i can keep my computer but now he has the blocker thing up ,so im back,and really sorry for all the trouble I have caused everyone,just give me one last chance.And I want a sig in big bold letters to say I am a n00b,to make me remember not to do crazy things like this again.
  7. Ok i sorted every thing out,ill be back when school lets out in 4 weeks, and bryce i changed your password toim bryce i hhave a 3 inch dick) ok every one see you in 4 weeks. luv u all exept bryce./
  8. Just so you all know im keeping this name for when i come back in 3 months.
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