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  1. SA:MP is back up. So, we all can be happy. It was closed for less than a few hours but, were back.
  2. First off, I think hackers are low life scum. They love to get attention and have fun by ruining fun for many, many people. I started my own SA:MP clan in May and it did very very well we had a full server everyday and had 55 clan members and had a very good script but a few events caused us to temporarily close it while me and my co-leader worked on a better script and redo it but we will still come back as planned but we will have to host it ourselves as littlewhitey, the owner of gta-host.com who hosted us in the past may shut down GTA-Host because most of his business came from SA:MP servers but the message also says that SA:MP may be restarted by a few people from the former development team
  3. Does any body know where I can get a list of the gta3 image that tells me what TXD files are what?
  4. I hope parachuting is in the game. I wanna parachute of the empire state building.
  5. Do what Spartan said. More than likely you got V.2 I recommend getting a v1 exe or downgrading your game before you mod.
  6. I've had experience in making games before even simple ones are hard when you first start. But a about a year or 2 ago when I was into game making I joined a project called "GTA: Columbia" and did a couple things and it was HARD. Then I lost interest in making games. I got through Version 2 that wasn't released.
  7. Its just to make people feel like there getting a good deal for a bigger HDD. Microsoft is planning on selling a 120GB HDD for the 360 for $180. So people will see that and say "I'll just get an Elite". But yea, I'm gonna get it after I get my PS3 because I'm getting a HDTV this summer. Plus, they want more competition twords the ps3 with HDMI and trying to sell a HDD thats 2 of the Premium PS3's cheaper than the Premium PS3.
  8. Yea, people have been getting on my nerves about that. Rockstar does alot for us and are working there asses off for this game.
  9. Same here. Its gonna be a kick ass game with or without planes.
  10. They said no "aeroplanes" they said nothing about no helicopters yet. You don't see to many jets flying freely through NYC do you? But I've seen pics and videos on NYC and seen helis flying.
  11. Chris92


    That is truly amazing like everyone else said. You got talent man.
  12. Its pretty stupid to take a plane from LaGurdia to JFK. Theres only 2 major airports in NYC. There might be smaller ones for like UPS or FedEx but I don't live in NYC. Rockstar is recreating 5 NYC boroughs for GTA IV: If they say its Liberty City still will we be able to access the other part?
  13. Construction workers always do that. It happened in my neighborhood before.
  14. I hope they do add more cities to it. I can't wait until the game informer preview so we can find out more.
  15. Happy Easter everybody
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