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  1. i really dont know what to tell you.
  2. what edition is it, if its the second one, then down load a "second edition" saved game, if you cant find one i can give you one via email
  3. you left me a comment saying god damn son? what do you mean by that.

  4. if i was to design that mission what i would do is make it so cj has to find barkley hunt him down (no time limits) and kill him, not these stupid flying a rc car to complete a mission.
  5. heres the deal dont say gods name in vein and if you dont have a least favorite mission to tell us about, dont talk
  6. wouldnt the firetruck be like a bluebird modle ?
  7. yeah same here but did the mission have to be timed thats what i hate in some games the stupid time limeted crap or limited health
  8. personaly i like the dumper and the dune. i moded the dune so its up a little higher so now i can drive over cars with ease
  9. i think is better to use mods, cause i would mod the bus make it go faster oh heres that vid you want to show
  10. i really hate the one where you have to take flight lessons for toreno, that took me a week to complete on pc gosh
  11. Good call. Infact, any mission that involved stealth and penetrating into a restricted area were my favorites. The area 69, Sherman Dam, Casino Heist, and Naval Base missions were the best. i agree they were. the one i re.. thats my next topic
  12. i liked the one where the truth took you to the army base to steal the "black project"
  13. same here except it blew up the second it got to the court house the fucker blew up!
  14. yeah i hated that one too. but it didnt take me as long to complete that oe i just talked about.
  15. well it is fun, i take back what i said, but i.. okay im in denial.
  16. i personaly hate the one where you have to protect the stupid police convoy with sal inside, it toook me a week to get past that damn mission,. freakin asassin cars every where
  17. i think rockstar decided to use liberty city to make up for how limeted the gtaIII game play was and is, and for lcs and vcs. what are your inputs
  18. it seems you cant submit a mod anymore, what happened?
  19. i dont know i just thought ied tell you that
  20. I too can apply grayscale to my photos. Check out my poor imitation. Meh, I'm too ugly for this your perfectly fine
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