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    Word Association

  2. Agent Smith

    What are you listening to right now?

    50 CENT PIMP
  3. Agent Smith

    Gangs of Liberty City

    that might be because joey takes over and well his fater is dead
  4. Agent Smith

    ladies & gentlemen, we have a ripper!

    i dont believe what somepeople would do to gain respect! there is no respect in that
  5. Agent Smith

    Word Association

  6. Agent Smith

    Introduce Yourself..

    whats up every one! i am new and thought id introduce myself i am Agent Smith
  7. Agent Smith

    Favorite Gang

    i hate ddp aswell proper n000bs
  8. Agent Smith

    Gangs of Liberty City

    the mafia is defenaty the coolest although the cartel have a nice gang car
  9. Agent Smith

    xbox or ps2

    i would defenatly take the xbox version. there are some really good graphics changes compared with the ps2 version. the car damage engine is really good aswell. the rain graphics have been changed a the raindrops physics are really nice aswell
  10. Agent Smith

    The New Member Thread

    Hi! soz for bing a bother but the link isnt workin
  11. Agent Smith

    Favourite Console

    xbox is the most powerfull console out there and it has some really nice fetures that why i like it. Ps2 is good in some way's its just that graphics on some ps2 games look a bitt dated