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  1. no... they would get sued and I think you should...... SHUT UP
  2. Cool good info Chris man october 16th wont come any faster. I guess they want people to forget about 911
  3. Suksinder Shinda hes my fave non english singer
  4. season Tickets to Vancouver Canucks games=$300
  5. That would be funny if they made a gta based movie where Claude,CJ, Tommy, Tony cipriani, Victor vance And Niko Bellic band togheter to fight one really bad guy
  6. The boggs 80's music world music(Radio del mundo)
  7. Ok thanks Urban outlaw and Donkey dude
  8. I was reading Gycu's topic in the vcs thread What is hot coffee? is it a mod or what?
  9. That would be funny if the was an ebay but called somthing else he buys somtingh sometimes it comes other times it does not
  10. wow i cant wait till october 16th i was wondering what draw distance is?
  11. yep me too XP rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! im
  12. lol lolo lolol blah blah spam spam
  13. Heres my Brand new custom built alienware Intel® Core™2 Extreme NVIDIA® SLI™ + DirectX10 1066Mhz DDR2 Memory Up to 4TB of Storage Blu-ray Optical Drive Ageia PhysX™ processor From $5,199
  14. hi im very new here i have an alienware computer
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