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  1. Hmm, I guess I do have a screensaver, with a lame aquarium, vortex, etc. But, to be honest it's really better just to turn off your monitor, or whatever. It doesn't do anything yet it doesn't bother me. I want to say without, but I actually have one.
  2. Pretty cool. Kind of bad there's no talking. Only music, peds voices & sound effects. The handling looks pretty damn easy. How did they drive the car so easily? I knew that it was only those three islands. It said somewhere.
  3. That's pretty cool. Piano blocks some of the handbeating though. I like it!
  4. 1 2 Ton load more God, ton load of these topics.
  5. Alright. I'm assuming you're using Windows XP. Open up your Fonts folder in C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/ and drag the TrueType file into there. You should get the little loading bar. Place all your fonts in there. You can now use the font in stuff like Microsoft Office, Wordpad, etc.
  6. Happy birthday Noru! I'd grant you 3 wishes, but I can't.
  7. Lol, thanks. I couldn't ever test it for sure. I'll change it when I can.

  8. Actually, I find the President one too small. Could you make the width 230, and just let the height follow? And if you can, make several of them for the vehicles... Freeway Sabre Phoenix Burrito Walton Oceanic Thanks Noru. I hope I'm not asking for too much. Yeah ALVAS, just show me something. You don't have to wait for TOXIC or Noru.
  9. You put all .cs files in the CLEO 3 folder inside your GTA SA directory. Make sure you have CLEO 3 installed first, though. If you have any further problems or questions, just ask.
  10. If you pass me some fonts I could do it for him in my spare time possibly. Thanks Spaz! I would appreciate it if you could do that! UPDATE: Noru, if you could change Commander to "Head of Combat" would be great. If not, I could stay with Commander.
  11. Sorry, I just assumed you'd know. I meant the one with the President on it.
  12. Alright, I guess that could work. March 21st is quite a while is basically I'll just put up some replacements as I wait for your images. I just can't delay the creation of The Raiders too much. I plan to start the topic this week or early next week. Thanks TOXIC, I don't want rushed images as well. Good luck on those exams!
  13. Beautiful, TOXIC! Can I just get the Signature Vehicles and stuff bigger? About x1.5 bigger? And I've decided that the TLaD font would be awesome for the positions... Thanks TOXIC and Noru. Get them to me whenever.
  14. I voted for yours. It's new, different, and creative from the others. Colourful as well. I'm just don't like the others as much.
  15. That's a good idea... just a little preview before I actually get all the images will be fine. I don't know if I should actually used TLaD fonts. I don't want anyone to take the idea that we actually ARE the Lost. I'll see what else fonts there are first, the TLaD fonts do look pretty good. Thanks.
  16. Hey guys! Currently, I'm working on a biker gang for the new gang system. Currently I'm getting the basic idea of the format. Right now, since I'm horrible at GFX, I need several things completed: A biker font on an image with a TRANSPARENT background. I need an image with each of these words: (170x70) President (150x50) Vice President (150x50) Treasurer (150x50) Right Hand Man (150x50) Arms Sergeant (150x50) Road Captain (150x50) Commander (<yourchoice>x50) Freeway (<yourchoice>x50) Sabre (<yourchoice>x50) Phoenix (<yourchoice>x50) Burrito (<yourchoice>x50) Walton (<yourchoice>x50) Oceanic Also, I need a DIFFERENT biker font on an image with a transparent background. One image for each word: (<yourchoice>x80) Welcome to The Raiders MC (<yourchoice>x80) The Raiders' Story (<yourchoice>x80) The Raiders (<yourchoice>x80) Signature Vehicles (<yourchoice>x80) Signature Ammunition (<yourchoice>x80) Our Home (<yourchoice>x80) Want to Join? (<yourchoice>x80) Gallery (<yourchoice>x80) Our MTA Involvement (<yourchoice>x80) Thank You... Thanks, guys, I'll be really thankful for this. Also, list your font name if you can. EDIT: Give an example first as I will make a decision at the end of what font to use and to save the hassle of making all of them. ALSO: CHANGED THE HEIGHT OF THE SECOND FONT!
  17. Welcome to TGTAP redkap. As for your question, you can't open .img files with Windows Explorer, you need a program for this. You have several options here, but I recommend IMG Tool 2.0. It works perfectly and does it's job.
  18. Well, I was looking over what kind of mods GTA IV already has, and I recognized the '3 Times More Peds' mod. That mod comes from the '3 times more peds' mod, by Mr. Lolman. Also, the 'Disturbed Cellphone Theme' mod, is also stolen from GTAinside, from RaMsOc2's 'Disturbed Cellphone Theme' mod. I've also found a third one. The 'Gloves for Niko MOD' is stolen from ebster's 'Handschuhe | Gloves for Nico' mod. Sigh, got the fourth one. The 'Drift Handling For Comet, Futo And More Cars...' mod comes from [sOLO]DR1FT's 'Drift Handling Mod'. All of the above mods can be confirmed by comparing Finking's images to the original owner's image. The other mods seem familiar, but I've seen them from various websites, I think. Hope you find the other ones, they shouldn't be hard to find. Unfortunately, Finking didn't upload any images for the last 2, which would make this alot easier.
  19. Actully you can its just a pain in the ass to do and welcome all new members HOW Try reading the "Can I mod my game?" part of Gerard's SA Modding Guide. Try reinstalling, TGTAP cannot post parts of the game. Well, anyways, Welcome Everyone! Please remember to read & understand the Forum Rules. A few good rules can help you around these forums: - Read & understand everything before you write. - Use the search function before you make a new thread. - Look at the date of the topic before you post. - Try to limit your posts and think if people will find your post useful. - Use good judgement and respect the moderators, admins, and everyone else. Hope you all stay active and hope you see you all soon!
  20. Nothing special, just a wonderful shot of the CN tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I like to keep my desktop neat, even though I don't use most of the icons.
  21. Don't worry! After hard, intense research I finally have it! Google. Psst: Don't worry, I already did it for you, all you have to do is click!
  22. I'm suggesting newer Picture of the Day (PotD) photos. They are boring and old, all seen-before. These photos are tiring to see and after 5 years, we are still showing San Andreas photos? How about some newer GTA IV photos to spark interest to the main page? A year old?!? These are all from this topic. I don't know if people prefer San Andrea photos or GTA IV photos, but when new visitors come, why not give them what they want and give them GTA IV related stuff? That's one reason why the main banner was changed... Also, why not even add Chinatown Wars photos and/or tLaD photos?!? To conclude, San Andreas has been around for 5 years, the majority of our visitors want GTA IV, and why not even Chinatown Wars and/or TLaD photos? Make the PoTD more interesting!
  23. Here's a few locations complied by Grand Theft Wiki: Night Vision Goggles Thermal Vision Goggles Click here for a map of all weapons from GameFAQs. Please note that some of these locations are only avaliable to you after you complete a certain mission. Hope you find them!
  24. No thanks, I was always happy with this one and I'm staying that way. I would if I had any GFX work, but I don't.

  25. Awesome sig you got there! It looks spectacular!

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