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    On my first day my friend gave me lots of items but then i died and respawned at town, went back to pick back my equipment and the equiement was gone! And it was probably looted. So I got pissed and quit on my first day.
  2. Banned for pointing that virtual gun at that virtual ped.
  3. You Are A Shruken Mac Computer Who Likes To Find Vaginas.
  4. Make you choke WWYDI I peed in my pants?
  5. ***Your Famous Last Words Will Be:*** "Nice doggy." What Will Your Famous Last Words Be? http://blogthings.com/whatwillyourfamouslastwordsbequiz/ And I hate dogs.
  6. McDonald's because of their burgers and Pizza Hut 'cause they got nice selections.
  7. So i guess that it works on Vice City for PS2 also?
  8. I don't know how to -Tie my shoes(properly) -Whistle -Skip that well -Snap Well, that's a few that the average kid should be able to do...
  9. The 'D.I.V.O.R.C.E' mission is given by Louise Cassidy-Williams... And you don't need to finish the motorcycle races... no races, besides that quad race in 'When Funday Comes'
  10. Try pressing 'Space' rapidly... 7/10 It's pretty fun trying to keep him/her from flipping over lol at Hint #7 ' Skill is more important than speed ' Speed is funner though The hard hat he's/she's wearing is pointless
  11. Vehicles Map VCS Just find '•Mule' somewhere on the map *The map is not made by me
  12. Well, if you want to make money, killing 'men' isn't your only option... (You can lose lots of ammo, therefore losing money) Taxi missions... No way to lose money(Besides Wasted Or Busted) No way to lose money Did you try killing in different areas? Be more specfic... Any mods? PC or PS2?
  13. Wasn't the supposed alien space craft just a weather balloon that has just fallen near Roswell? Anyways, I might be wrong about that, I heard many alien space craft stories before...
  14. Well, so, where would be the computers located... maybe the trunks of cars, just because I think i heard about selling guns & etc sells at the trunks of cars um... most likely all safehouses? Well anyways would you be able to send e-mails instead of only recieving e-mails like in the other GTA games... I don't know how we'd be able to send... This is a great new feature made by R*
  15. I've only been 2 minutes through Episode 1, nice lol Nice series!
  16. Try google-ing ' user bar maker ' there's a handy site that makes userbars w/o the use of Photoshop, GIMP or etc.
  17. I would like to get rid of everything that makes you feel emo(suicidal), because i feel emo sometimes even though I don't wanna die... Oh! How can I forget! Annoying people, even though I may be myself...
  18. Okay, so today I found out a glitch (on PSP), I'm not sure if this was already mentioned before but this glitch can change the siren of a possibly any 'siren-making' vehicle (I've tested this on a 'VCPD Cruiser' and a 'VCPD Wintergreen') with the use of a jumping-stunt that can possibly put the game into slow-motion for a while. So this is how it works: -Jump Onto a 'siren-making' vehicle -Leave the siren off -Find a ramp that can possibly put the game into slow-motion for a while when enough speed is put in -Turn the siren on during the slow-motion And now your siren on the vehicle will sound slower, deeper and different but when that siren changes... (e.g. you get out/off your vehicle and get back on, or you turn off your siren and back on) the siren will change back to normal. [NOTE]: This also works when pushing down the the siren/ honking button to change the siren but if you let go it changes back I have not tested this on any other GTA game and it'll be great if any can test this glitch on any other GTA game... Thanks! Feel free to try this out on your own game! EDIT:Also, if you pause the game and go back, the siren returns to normal EDIT: This also works on the Ambulance Of VCS[PSP] EDIT: Also on 'Police' of LCS [PSP]
  19. Hey, I just joined a few minutes, and ignore me if I don't know storylines well, I don't prefer hard challenges...
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