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  1. hey barfy, remember me? one of the old SFM folks

  2. ex SFM OG... legend in his time.

    happy birthday =]

  3. What i want to see is people geting older and dieing of old age if they can make it that long like in the sims and i think kids would be cool because you could teach them the family bussiness and i would also like you see the main guy like walking around and making a gang and geting turff from scrach that would be a more interesting game
  4. Mine are any thing Resident Evil Godfather Goodfellas Scarface
  5. Rammstein is the best band i have heard in a long time
  6. but you cant rush the fantastic work that theses people do in such a short time you have to except the fact that some times there might be some thing wrong with the product so then they will learn from there mistakes and make the game better for all of us gamers
  7. but if you think about it as the game progresses and gets more advanced they make the game bigger and better so it should be bigger then a state because they like to chalange them self by trying to make big impressive games that have totaly unexpected twists and turns in the story line so it only makes sence that it will be a coupple of states or like the hole of america for example where they could do alot with it like the east cost west cost gang war for example
  8. ^ Sounds like a werdo < Is fainally back on the fourm V Wants to be called the Noobinator
  9. i think it will be sett in or around germany/ sweeden or in russia
  10. Avatar 10/10 Sig 8/10 Overall he is a really great guy
  11. i would like to met kokane, mvi, crimson, chris, milky, hijack and all the boys from the old school subuzi family mafia
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