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    Aha ok. Thats what i tought. And spaz guess i was to much in a hurry IV VI lol i think you knewd i made a mistake hehe
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    Ok at the latest news, New Information Revealed in ComputerAndVideoGames Article and three new GamePro scans! I noticed something that made me think. so copy/paste the thing: -'Gruppe Sechs' securicars have returned and players are able to steal them and deliver them to locations for a reward, but this task is said to be much trickier than in previous games. Basicly you can steal a securicar and deliver them to a location for reward. Now my question is, if it is said that it has been in previous games, for example gta:sa where was it? I cannot remeber where could i sell the car, if anyone knows please let me know. p.s: I know this is about gta:sa so maybe this topic isnt for gta VI, if it is not suitable for this underforum, please move it to SA. Ty for your understanding have a nice day.
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    What's in a name?

    Hum, well my name was made, when me and my buddy went to play counter-strike, i didnt at the time have any permanent name, so he gaved me the name dogzilla, the name did go threw several changes, like from... dogzilla --> DoGziLLa --> d0gz1lla . Its even more funny that my real name, has origines from old slovanic word that means "dog". When i was all into the raping scene, i got sticked to the name snoppy (ppl said i look like snoop dog...) so basicly all that contributed to sticking the name dogzilla. And may i add my favorite animal is dog (doberman). Well thats it, nothing special, just how i got my nick name.
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    GTASA PC Controller Setup Help

    Well probably none knows how to help you, at least i dont. Becouse its hard to belive any of guys in here use the xbox controler on the PC. I might be wrong. You will have to wait and see.
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    what web sites should there be in gta IV

    There should be news site, like what weather we might expect, what happend in LC (if you are supect of any crime) stuff like that to.
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    GTA IV the next WOW?

    you cant compare WOW whit gta4 its like comparing a skateboard to an ferrari
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    Another New Screenshot from Yahoo

    I wonder if there will be car sings for left and right (when you turn left you first give that yellow light on the car for your direction, dont know how its called in english) i remeber that it was in mafia game, so i wonder if it all be so realistic, will the cars in front of you point out what direction they are goin to go. And it would help on the road, cars wouldnt shift their position in a sec like in SA and make an car accident.
  8. Well i followed some tips and took fraps 1.9D, but when i use it to start recording the game play, it starts to lag (everything goes slow). Should i use any of never fraps or that program called sarah or something i read. Any help would be appriciated. ty
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    Dan Houser previews GTA IV to the AP

    "We’re giving the player choices without ramming it down their throats," said Houser. "They even have a choice at the key moment in the whole story. I don’t want to go into too much detail about it, but I think putting that into the hands of the player is very fun." Now im wondering what that key moment is. Is it who you kill? Who you join? It might mean that the story has diffrent ending? I hope it does.
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    Need help for recording in GTA: SA

    Yes, its easyer to record replay files and it works better the link in the section of how to stunt for fraps is to old new fraps fraps 1.9d and click on ZUM downlad ( its german)
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    Need help for recording in GTA: SA

    Well as i found out it wasnt the cpu or any memory issue for the video being slow, it was the frame rate Fraps was having, 10 fps, i puted it to max so now when i chek the video its all cool and no problems. have fun
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    Temporarily burst of acceleration and speed. Is that what you wanted to know? cuz the question is a bit confusing.
  13. Maybe the game where you can ba a "gangsta" "a mober" makes him very angry, maybe that was his dream but could never acomplish it becouse hes got no balls to do any of ilegal crimes. Hes justa an old washed up sorry ass who wants attention. Thats it.
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    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    #16 - Lil' Probe Inn: This UFO based bar is a spoof on a real life bar called the Lil' Ale Inn in Rachel, Nevada. The bar also contains the Mysterious Map, which is an unexplained map of San Andreas that pinpoints certain locations in San Andreas. It can be found at the very back of Lil' Probe Inn near the office desk or in Toreno's cabin. If you investigate more you will find many of the locations have landmarks that have references to the local history. An example is the Las Venturas stadium where a lot of hippies died in the sixties after choking on toads. Wheelman can i ask you where did you got that infromation, or at least if they all are listed on the net? I would love to read them for other marked spaces.
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    Do you have a classic?

    Hmm i did play GTA2 on my computer some time ago, but GTA1 dosent work like it should on my computer, its to old, is it posible to play gta1 on never computer, and if so how? I would love to gat a hand on gta1 and play it normaly whitout problems.
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    Need help for recording in GTA: SA

    Ok tnx for the help.
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    GTA IV Release date announced!

    start counting days
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    Weird Stuff!

    Yeah i had some plan crashes near me few times, i dont remeber what the mission is called i belive its the one where you have to swim and dive and stuff and i was right at the ship when a plane crashed into ship, at first i tought this guys had cannons on a ship so i dive, under the water there was a crashed plane, so i realized it , plane crashed in the ship (lol).... Or i realy dont get it, when i stuff in a car 3 of my gang members and we go doing drive bys in the area that i havent tooken yet. So i went in the green area and my gang members started to shot at few of our own, they all shoot back at the car and car went kabom..... I didnt know why they did it, but they did... lol.... Oh yea can someone tell me about the taxi missions, havent done it yet, how much missions are there? Do you get a special cab like in GTA3 + the money collection place? Didnt find any info on this stuff, so can anyone help me out?
  19. Dr.dbl gee i wasnt spreading shit u fool, i only made an asumption NEVER MADE A FUCKING FACT I NEVER SAID HE IS, ALWAYS SAID HE MIGHT BE. you fucking fool and have some respect toward others,.... Btw where did you read he is caucasian? I agree i was wrong, so mishom is right. Like i said before, similar language, so it was never 100% right. cya all around Oh and merry crishtmas and a happy new year.
  20. Word "brat" is used in slovenia to... On je moj brat. Brotha poz u bosnu
  21. hehe well we will see if he is serbian or not, but i found out who is realy similar to niko, ever saw the movie behind the enemy lines? Well there is a guy who look similar to niko, and he was serbian im not saying this is niko just said he reminds me of him chek the pic. Some guy on other forum had a same idea sine he opened a topic about it. cya around
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    Trailer 3 Released - Move Up, Ladies

    Spaz, actualy, i didnt know his last name, belic? Well it does end whit IC ( but becouse english aphabeth do not have Č and Š letter, it should end like Belič, mine ends Šabič) if those letters you see are (!"#$%&/&) tell me and ill find another way to show them to you) cya around
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    Trailer 3 Released - Move Up, Ladies

    1st. i think he is russian, but is niko his full name? its diffrence bettwen Nikolaj or Nikola. well see
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    Trailer 3 Released - Move Up, Ladies

    Well yes, i am Slovenian. But my father and mother are from Bosnia & part Serbian, so i know the language, can speak, read and write it. Yes i tought it could be Serbian, becouse Serbian use the word "Zdravo" but they dont use word "bracaru" well it is possible, but then again Russia has some words very similar to Slovenian and Serbo-croatian language. They are both ortodox religions, so it could be connection. I think Niko is still Russian, but luckly i understood the words and made an asumption. Bracaru is in serbian often used as braco or brate. (bracaru could be an word that is used like, for example: Gradnfather - grandpa, to make word more lovely) well cya around