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  1. who rated u five?

  2. I dont like pokemon but my favourite pokemon is megagross.
  3. I have Internet Explorer 6... (Its slow LOL)
  4. I have never had heard of grand theftendo b4, bet its fake...
  5. 7.62mm maybe u should stop thinking about the audiance or person your talking to, just think that your talking to yourself. I think...
  6. THats a really nice picture you've got, nice work.
  7. wheelman wat a funny video you've got there wow. Good 4 u 4 finding that video. Interesting...
  8. Okay, I stop. Anyway I wasn't trying to make some other website suk more than RS. So yea...
  9. 7.62mm maybe u should get your gf somethin expensive.(that would probaly please her)
  10. If u people wanna see wat clubpenguin is go (mod edit) google it or don't waste your time.
  11. Lego20


    Does anyone here even like runescape?
  12. Hey dude you can't join cuz u only have 33 posts. You need 250 and they have to be Spam Free

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