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  1. pringles and orange juice nvm, ran out
  2. i was just at 25 so ya
  3. i like LV because its really cool that you can cruise down the strip in a nice ride blaring "Welcome to the Jungle" or something
  4. i like them both so i am not going to vote
  5. He is my favorite actor of all time and he is in the movies Cellular, Collateral, Call of Duty, The Italian Job, Red Faction 2, The Transporter, and much more Here is a picture of him:
  6. is this a topic about people saying your cool?
  7. I will start over: One time, there
  8. 1/5 avatar 0/5 sig i don't really know you but hearing from other people you must be bad
  9. thats ok, i will be on here a lot
  10. there is way too many, but i will say all the metallica songs
  11. ya, i'm used to be getting flamed at but okay by the way i've been here like 2 weeks
  12. its really about chating with people what they would like to know or you like to know
  13. umm hi everybody, i am Zamindo. I am almost 14 and like to go on forums and play playstation and stuff
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