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  1. Remy

    The Society

    ok, we need members
  2. Does anybody like this German band?
  3. i did that before but not that many
  4. I think it will be cool because there is a lot of crime down there and GTA will fit right in
  5. it does look cool though, if not a sig
  6. ya, thats what i was thinking of
  7. It sucks that you have to buy little discs instead of the regular ones
  8. try wearing another set of clothes
  9. I want a new character but i want Tommy in it too
  10. ^ yes i do < Just started a great gang v Hopefully is in a gang
  11. hard to say because thier both crazy bitches with guns, but i have to say Catalina
  12. This is a great site you should also join to and i'm not just saying that it is great, its actully a great site!!! Whats so special is that the sites Gta Gangsters, Street Sweepers, and Ice Cube all merged into one big and active site. The other thing is we got 2 great site fixers and one of them actully works for IPB team. You can talk about anything you would like; music, your intrests, whatever! You can also talk about R* games aswell. There are also gangs you can join or even make one. Join The Society Today!!! http://thesociety.xpt.net
  13. Remy

    The PSP

    whoa, thats beutiful!!!
  14. Jason290 and Spas because the rest are shit...j/k
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