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  1. .ratedr.

    GTA: The Trilogy Coming To PlayStation 2

    Freakin sweet!this is the best thing ive heard in ages!
  2. .ratedr.

    What are you watching right now?

    Friends on channel 4
  3. .ratedr.

    WWE Wrestling

    I watch wwe too! Anyway orton hopefully will beat cena at unforgiven..cena is better when he is chasing the title rather than holding it
  4. .ratedr.

    Last thing that you bought?

    last thing i bought was kingdom hearts 2 yesterday
  5. .ratedr.

    Whats Your Criminal Rating

    Mine was 'Right-hand man' last time i played it
  6. .ratedr.

    Signature Request

    Im new here and was wondering if someone could make me a gta sa signature?it would be greatly appreciated
  7. .ratedr.


    That is a sweet wallpaper man