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    who need to know?
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    i can rig car from VC & 3 to SA,i can custome a model and interests of a vc mod...

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  1. GTA Las Vegas now on downloadable bases

    The mods I've collected from other peoples, I have asked them for permissions to use for my game. And, you don't need to leave reply to this topic. You don't need to tell me HOW it is called, I know better from you know. And, I have posted this topic for peoples who wants to download GTA Las Vegas, not for peoples like you, to leave comments, like it is stolen or something else. So, CHILL OUT. you think you can liar??????this guy is already post in here,and lock because stole: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=409544
  2. CJ Mom, Bigfoot, & Superman

    bump what????is just start about 1-2 day????
  3. CJ Mom, Bigfoot, & Superman

    NO,THIS GHOST MOM ISN'T FROM SA STUDIO.there are from mod,this mod i MIXTERI,it's very great mod,can find in gtaforums
  4. Error!

    ????it's just like bullshit,maybe he got cd from friends or lose it,or download from torrent.just like me i wad lose my SA in few month ago,now i got it back
  5. Error!

    hi,i am a most helpful ,isn't??? http://www.gtanetwork.it/zone/pafiledb.php...ile&id=5911
  6. [REQUEST]A good zombie mod

    this one????? http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=374897 i have a lot of zombie mod,but they still WIP.

    here you are,link of this topic: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=364900 and here is link download for last version: http://www.megaupload.com/fr/?d=CQAZ2PHH it's very awesome
  8. San Andreas GTAIV Mod: You can help

    this mod is a bad mod i ever seen,look at this GTA IV mod: GTA IV blood: GTA IV take cover and some blood: GTA IV some vehicles(of course i can post all vehicles): and i very love this one: of course almost mod not by me,just some by me
  9. San Andreas GTAIV Mod: You can help

    n00b ,i just like who make a mod by theyself,not for who get people mod and say it's a mod
  10. San Andreas GTAIV Mod: You can help

    lol,almost mod stealing from other people
  11. San Andreas GTAIV Mod: You can help

    Dude go F*** urself, they had it goin pretty good, but then all activity seized. so i want to know whats happenin? as for you, "badboy_zay", go urself!!! OH,you n00b, ,this mod is bad,10000% you can't make this because there are no picture,just a stupid idea of a kid
  12. San Andreas GTAIV Mod: You can help

    hey you suck ,100000000000% you can't make this,this is just a plan,i know you can't,so it will good if mod lock this topic
  13. Can sombody do this?

    lol,make it by youself,we don't have a time to make them all
  14. Favorite clothing?

    i like Mr.Vercetti outfit ,when Tommy wear this clothes,look he is like Tony Montana
  15. Need Tips!

    use Vice City 2004 mod