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  1. ^ is right < is back V happy in this forums
  2. Everybody listen. I'm leaving now. Sorry about the noobitics action that i does. Spazmodically_Insane, Sorry what i have said last time. Sky, once again, I'm not konstantinos29. Good luck to Slavik, Woozie2, milkyboy, barfy, Aemboy15, Konstantinos29, Ar-v294 and to all my friends specially Crimson Dragon A.K.A Vincent Valentino. Thanks for Chris A.K.A Pyr0xide for being a good and best admin of all. Good bye to all. I'm leaving. Geno good luck to your gang called A.R.R and to Remy of E.L.R. and to DS of Spazmodically_Insane, Sorry Hey Konstantinos. Good Luck homie! Peace out! I hope thegtaplace will become the #1 in forums! Good Luck pyroxide. Good bye to everbody.
  3. ^ is wrong because the truth is you fallen in love with my dog's grandpa. < don't like sex topics v is a green minded person
  4. I really don't see what the big deal is about Green Day. They suck if you ask me. Why did you hate Green Day? I like only the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Basketcase and Holiday.
  5. Konsta is right! Haitians is the best! They will beat up the cubans!
  6. ^ is wrong < loyal site member v is cool
  7. I have NBA 1999 - 2005. I collect them all. They are all cool..
  8. I played NBA Live 2005. That's my 2nd favoite game. Do you play NBA Live?
  9. Me too. When i was a kid. I play tekken always. But my favorite is NBA 2005. I played NBA a lot. My favorite team is Miami Heat and my favorite player is O'neal.....
  10. ^ is correct < need more member in the Westside Family Thugz Gang. v is not a n00bs
  11. I think Tekken. Tekken is a nice game!
  12. Let's say I'm wrong. I don't know your true attitude.! But you don't know me too! You don't know my life spaz! It's a frolicking thing that you say that your're life is not full of hapiness. Don't Judge The B00k by it's cover! You Don't know my life. Do you want to describe my frolicking life? I'm frolicking bitch. I'm a crazy person.. Sometimes Bad and sometimes good. Animal lover. Heartbroken person.. and a gently caress up life person. That's the reason why did i join a gang. I felt not welcomed in our family because I'm a gently caress up person.
  13. My gang don't want a crime bitch. Gangsta life is full of madness and sadness. Rocker and punk think gangsta is an idiot group, but gangsta and punk life is the same. Because we experience lonely life. Lonley life represnt a gangsta life. Do you like to experience if one of the military captain shoot you in the chest? I experience that when i was 14 years old. My dad and mom cry loud and i promise to my self not to kill people and stop all the gang war that i saw. Shut up Spaz! Your life is full of happiness and you did not experience what I experience! So don't blame the gangster! I respect the my enemy and my friends but I lost respect in You. I thought that you are a good moderator so i respect you but now, ..... I know now your true attitude! You are nothing to me Spaz. So shut up your ass! You don't experience what all the gangster experience.!
  14. No, it's just ignorant people running around killing eachother. -They had nothing to do with KENNEDY. As a matter of fact, none of us do. It's the states that choose, they just use the people's votes to help them. - No, they didn't. Jazz was popular BEFORE the gangsta scene came around. - HAHAHAHA! You make me laugh, cigars have always been things people would smoke to relax. Old people would sit out on front porches and smoke. Gangstas had nothing to do with it. - If you paid attention, you would notice I said three MAJOR things. Those are no where near major, and had nothing to do with gangstas. Stop trying to make them seem likes Gods. They aren't anyone special. So shut the gently caress up and don't try to attack the hiphop and the gangsta nation!
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