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  1. When we finally have some 4chan guy here.. he gets banned :(

    But yeah, if he was Oskar he deserved it.

  2. This is Oskar? Never knew.

  3. You know the drill Oskar, once you're banned from here you are never allowed here again.

  4. This thread is now about: Longcat Longcat is loooooooooooooooong
  5. Your longcat.. Wait, that makes no sense.
  6. Yo momma's so fat that when she jumps, she breaks the earth and falls to earth. That's why it smells of Lard out of nowhere sometimes. Yo momma's so fat that she got put in outer space and it wasn't an asteroid that hit earth. It was her.
  7. Oh god. Not him, posting in that thread leads him to faggotry.
  8. Has the property of Oskar. On a serious note: Haha, Jace, what a name, hahaha. (/joke)
  9. The /b/ that TGTAP is made of fail. I mean, it's not even funny. SHUD I!?
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