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  1. Wow, love the Skin .
  2. WTF why are loads of members leaving. good bye anyway.
  3. Hey woozie stop making loads of damn topics, jeez.
  4. Thanks Jason, yeah well i am gonna be adding a Gta shop.
  5. hey check out my new forum called fusion forums i will be adding more "extras" when i get round to it. added 2 Hacks*
  6. Directions: You post a wish about something you want/desire. The next person ruins your wish. Example: I won a million dollars. You won it through a law suit because you got hit by a drunk driver and lost both lower limbs. Then you make a wish for somebody else to ruin. Get the idea? OK, let's get started.
  7. Anyway, what you do it draw things and send the picture back and forth. Its kind of like a drawing war, one person might draw a car, then another person draws a missle pointed at it, then the other person draws a tank shooting the missle or something. So anyways, I will start it out with providing a simple setting Rules Use Flash if you have it (I guess paint and photoshop are acceptable) You must draw it, don't copy and past a picture of a tank, and if you use photoshop just use the brush, no effects Make sure its 500 by 400 pixels Thats about it for rules, and if you use flash then export it as a .png for best quality.
  8. Omg another one leaving goodbye anyway
  9. Omg not another leaving aswell goodbye anyway.
  10. Wow nice, that video was awesome.
  11. Wow that stuff is cheap im gonna have to check that out sometime.
  12. omg liek i wil! buyy o.ne ple..a.sec no only joking no one would want to buy sanandreas pictures this may aswell be locked.
  13. greenday- boulveard of broken dreams.
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