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  1. If there is only one, sneak up stab in the chest and hurl out the window:) But the system really needs a rework from the old one.
  2. I think buying cigarettes, pot, coke, speed, all that stuff should be in the game. As for the other games being anti-drug, this is a totally different line of games now. A whole new UNIVERSE if you will
  3. Well your friends are pretty dumb to plan it around an unconfirmed fact. I really think they will port it however. A huge chunk of their market is right there.
  4. Bit late I know but you think they havent done hard work? Do you realize how amazing this game will be and how much work has and is still being put into it? R*'s sweat and blood has been dripped into this video game. Nay. This Deity. I am a crazy nut Atheist but I now worship this game, and you should too. But I really do think that a preview is in order. I know it will not happen until a month or so before it is released, but just a minute, 30 seconds even of footage of the game being played would be insane.
  5. If I repeat any I am sorry, but I am not reading all those pages The ability to drop a weapon before it runs out of ammo. You had to shoot it clean in the previous games, and even then it wasn't actually dropped. I LOVE the Mafia culture and being able to shoot someone in the head twice and drop the gun would just keep me going for HOURS! And yeah it was pretty stupid to have a massive crash and not even take a scratch of damage. I want to see a HUGE 15 car pile up crash with airbags and someones head slamming into the horn
  6. I really don't think so. Being a Libertarian I believe R* has every right to put anything they want into their games. If people are offended by it or do not like it they can simply make the choice to not buy it. Besides wouldn't we all want to kill him? If I were stranded on an island with him and I had a gun and one bullet, I would shoot him over that nights meal.
  7. I don't think things will be as gruesome as they are in manhunt. I really don't want all that gruesome. Being a fan of Mob films nad Mob culture, a simple crack crack to the head and chest and the ability to drop the weapon afterward is all I want.
  8. Well since it is set in New York, and it has been confirmed they are going for lesser known artists, I would love to hear some DJ Eco. I would love to kick someones ass to DJ Eco Paradise Now
  9. First post, hi to everyone. I hated the girlfriend option. It was just plain dumb. If you want a girlfriend, go out and get one!
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