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  1. The beach island thing could be using up the IPL/IDE limit. Try making a new IPL/IDE. I don't know about the other one though, I didn't even know that was possable.
  2. It's a false report, the reason you cant run it is cause avast disables it after a report, you have to shut it off to make it work.
  3. Sorry for double post, but beta of the mod is out, have fun.
  4. Lol it's called editing. Good vid dood, I liked it.
  5. You can get a norton uninstall program, google it. I forgot where it was. As soon as I got this comp I ditched norton in a heartbeat and installed avast that I had on a disk.
  6. I use Avast AV for my security software and Firefox - it does the job in my case... Same. Norton is a peice of crap, uninstall it and then get avast. It's free and it's 1000000x better than norton, plus it doesnt whore system resources like norton.
  7. Take them back, lol. I don't use the speakers on my computer so I can't help ya..
  8. StormLexer Tutorials Where I do more than pwn. What you need: Basic Moo Mapper Knowledge Moo Mapper First, of course, launch Moo Mapper. Once it's launched you'd want to click Backround Map and then select an IPL from the right. I'm using airport.IPL for this tutorial. In the Item Placement tab click an IPL or click the "NEW" button to create your own IPL for use. I'm choosing Airport again though. Then click the Object Definition Tab and then select an IDE. I'm gonna use Generic. Now this is where the "newness" come from instead of finding IDs and all that crap. First click "Second Display". Then in the IDE find the object you wanna use on your map. Once you've found it Right Click it and click Add Item Instance. Click yes. =p Now instead of doing this everytime you want the object, instead just go into the IPL of where you placed it and Right Click then click Duplicate and use CTRL + Right Mouse Button to quickly drag it half way across the map if needed. Now place your object(s) and then you're done. (this is where the "Basic Moo Mapper Knowledge comes in ) Info: If you already knew this, k then, but people have been asking me for this method and I find it alot easyer/faster than the ID method, plus theres nothing to remember.
  9. I agree with L9 Krew. Just fuckin' google it though, or check this site's download database.
  10. I'm in. But don't you think the deadline is very early..?
  11. I don't have 15 to waste, and even if I did, NO. Cause that could go twords new guitar strings, or whatever I may need.
  12. I wont see the MP becoming a huge-omfg hit as SAMP/VCMP was. Cause IMO if they don't have server customization(or whatever it'll be using) like pawno it's most likely gonna get boring after the first few months. (IMO it would anyway)
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