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  1. I think it's a bit stupid releasing this game for the DS, as it's a bit like a girl's type console, I can't see it selling much. They should have released it for PSP instead.
  2. Holster


    Yeah I love Art, it's great! I'm gonna set up a deviantart account sometime, so I'll post some on that.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here. I joined a few days ago, I'm enjoying it here it's great.
  4. I'm still trying to beat beginner.
  5. The first GTA I played was GTA1, I was like 6 I think. Then I played GTA2, then Vice City, GTA3, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, GTA London, and finally GTA Vice City Stories.
  6. I'm definitely gonna get this game soon, it looks ace!
  7. I reckon this game looks awesome, I'm gonna check it out soon.
  8. I'm currently playing : Diddy Kong Racing (N64) Quake (N64) GTA Vice City Stories (PS2)
  9. My favourite genre is Rock. You can't beat some rock music, I just love the attitude about it all.
  10. Ali G Indahouse. What an ace film, hilarious too!
  11. That looks awesome, I wish I would of started watching it from the beginning. I'll look for some episodes online.
  12. Tommy Vercetti, because I loved his attitude and the way he was. And VC was the first GTA game I played (well on the PS2 anyway).
  13. Holster

    Jackass: The Game

    I can't wait for it, it's gonna be an ace game!
  14. I've just watched The Business. That's an awesome film, Danny Dyer is one of my favourite actors, he's great in this! I just love the story of it all, one of my best films.
  15. That's the only quote I've heard lol, I laugh when he says it!
  16. I think the Drugs ones are good where you're on the speedboats collecting the packages, and I like the ones where you have to deliver/rob money.
  17. That'd have to be the Army Tank. You can survive for ages in that, just as long as they don't drag you out of it you're fine.
  18. I don't think this game sucks, it obviously isn't as good as GTA Vice City but it's a great game.
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