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  1. I liked the San Andreas duel weapon function though it seemed a bit of a poison chalice. I always enjoyed using a single Colt pistol and Submachinegun, and so would like the option of switching between single-weapon and duel-weapon modes if the feature is implemented in VCS. Another thing that annoyed me was how CJ would seemingly pull the other weapon out of thing air once Hitman level was reached, and also how the ammo only went down in single bullets when firing two weapons rather than two bullets per shot as it should have done...
  2. The whole advanced control aspect that the Empire Building mode should offer is something that I'm really looking forward too...hopefully Rockstar will make it easy enough to select which business each front represents (drugs, whorehouses etc). I also enjoyed the homies system and gang wars from San Andreas so that should be a much further advanced version of this. Can't wait!
  3. Where have we ripped off the logo? Please point it out to me.
  4. Here Please pay a visit and register. Also, try and post a lot!!!
  5. How could you mean that one when you can't see it?
  6. No, it's in England.
  7. Wow, you really are looking to not make any profit here...unless you got the stuff for free ... I'l definately buy something.
  8. Walter Murray- A Fifth of Beethoven
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