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  1. I got some ideas.. Or maybe it's a lot.. : A Speedometer (Duh) No loading screens when entering an interior All buildings enterable Larger map (53GB that's like over 10 times bigger than SA so why not??) No random spawns, this is a crazy idea. (R* randomly creates over a million characters, no random pedestrain spawns) Impossible? Think again. 53GB When anyone of these characters die, they get rushed to the hospital and get treated there for like 5 minutes. Then they'll be walking again. (Starting from INSIDE the hospital, since ALL buildings are interiors) Oh and.. Each ambulance can hold up to 2 or 3 dead people. Each character also has a house. They may also live together. No random car spawns. (Just like pedestrians) When a car blows up, a tow truck brings it to some repair place to fix it up. Buildings can be destroyed. Wield a bazooka, aim it at the foot of any building, fire, and, boom. (Buildings might also collapse or fall sideways) (Contruction workers will rush to any wrecked building and fixed it up.) (Takes like 1hour real-time for it to get fixed) Oh yeah and, people in the building dies, lucky ones survive so when you blow a building up, things really get messed up. Airplanes should be faster.. The Hydra was not even twice as fast as a normal sports car.. (That's unrealistic) In real life, a normal Harrier jet is at least 4 times faster than a Ferrari.. With a speedometer, passenger planes like AT400 maybe goes around 500mph, pessenger/private jets speeds to arond 700mph, and fighter jets probably 850-1000mph. (Sensible if the map's big enough, 53GB may fit a map over 7 times the size of SA, that takes the jet around 5 minutes real time to fly) More car mod features.. Like in Need For Speed Underground 2, but maybe not that big variety. Maybe half of it. (Since every car will blow up less than 10 minutes after I jack it) As for gang members.. Most people got sick of seeing the same 3 gangbangers. So maybe if your gang's color's blue, they'll randomly wear blue T-shirts, jackets, shorts, pants, bandanas... Etc. (Gang members are considered pedestrians, you can recruit them to join your gang) Customizing your gang would be cool, I don't mind that. But if we have to stick with one gang, I'm also cool with that. Improving on this gang thing, each gang member will have weapon skills. Just like Gta:SA for CJ, the more they use that weapon, they better they get at it. (To view their skills, you can probably target them and check) More weathers.. Snow... Etc.. Disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes are cool too. But they're a little too far. Inventory. View your items in your inventory. Weapons are also included in it. And when we buy food, it goes there, and we have to selected from the inventory to consume it. And err, slightly longer eating time. Depending on the size of the meal. Like a "Full Stack" at Well Stacked Pizza will take around 15 seconds. And a small meal around 5 seconds. Slow down the time!! 1 ingame minute = 1 second?? That's too fast. That makes the character hungry to quickly.. I suggest around 5 seconds = 1 ingame minute. Higher buildings/mountains. That Los Angeles skyscraper was only 600ft high, and mount chilliard was 1500ft. The skyscraper wasn't too bad, but mountains are usually like over 15000ft.. Maybe create a mountain at least 8000ft would be cool. (Err, I used the "cars fly" cheat to measure it, spawned a Rhino and y'know) Increase maximum altitude. (It's like 2700ft in SA, make it around 10000ft) Lol PEEING. As what Maccer did in Don Peyote!! (You have to wait for them to finish their conversation and pull over your vehicle.. Then he'll leave the car and.. Whoosh!!) (Not a necessary feature but it would be kinda hilarious) IF, I said IF possible, since there's like 53GB of space, include a mini-robot into the game. The robot is capable of creating cutscenes, using a dictionary to have conversations with anyone in the game. (I don't know if this is possible, I dono how much space robots take up) Befriend people and do stuff with em.. Racing, rampages, business.. Etc.. Able to recuit more gang members.. Like 10.. And when they can't fit into the car, they'll jack another and follow you. Command your gang member to drive around in a patrolling manner while you can do drive-bys.. Or you can command him to drive you somewhere while you have fun shooting around. Enter vehicle: Passenger mode (this sounds fun in my opinion). Instead of stealing the vehicle, you enter any of it's passenger seats. And the people will tell you to leave but if you don't. He'll just continue driving with an annoyed expression. (Constantly asking "watchyou want?!" or "f*** off") (And uh.. You can reply) As for petrol.. I don't know.. Anything's fine for me.. But I'd prefer without that feature.. Shooting birds.. This is just something small.. Whenever I shoot birds, they disappear. *Weird* I'd prefer them to drop on the ground and die. As for kids, well, NO KIDS.. People with the right mind would no why. It's simply child abuse. Although it's just a game, no. Just no. More ragdoll physics for Muscle stat. Arm, Legs, Abdoment, Shoulders.. Etc.. And improving on them seperately.. For example, doing cruches to improve on the abs.. More life to the pedestrians. Each person will have a particular job and a daily routine. Occupations, visiting friends, playing sports. Etc More sports and more controls. Initially, I thought the basketball feature was gonna rock.. But.. It was boring.. It's only like shoot the ball or run towards the basket and give it a slam-dunk.. There should be more varieties of moves.. Here's how, when you get into basketball feature, all controls change.. Like, Circle = Fake Shot, Square = Shoot, X = Sprint, the controls simply become like controls in basketball games.. And maybe to exit, hold R2 or something. And yeah more sports.. Football, soccer, baseball.. And there's also 2Player mode or you can play with ingame pedestrians.. Longer storyline.. (Took me 4 days to complete story missions) Now I'm at 97%, unwilling to search for those hidden stuff.. Tags, horseshoes.. New setting + Liberty, Vice and SA.. New setting maybe Chicago or Philidelphia or both.. I'd prefer R* to work on USA first.. Then maybe next time in other countries. Limited ammo.. Lol, entering the Ammunation challenge got me countless ammo. For more realism, also limited weapons. One pistol and a Machine Gun or an Assault Rifle.. And grenade, melee weapon.. Or even better, the number of weapons you can hold depends on your clothings. Like a Tuxedo gives space for 2 Machine Guns.. A pair of pants with four pockets allows you to carry 4 types of pistols.. Well, I don't know.. Longer view distance. You get what I mean. Muscle really takes effect. The difference of No Muscle and FULL Muscle in GTA SA wasn't much.. It was only two time stronger.. The more things you carry, the more weight. The more weight, the easier you get tired. (Stamina involved) Dragging/Carrying people. Dead or alive doesnt matter. If he/she's alive, they'll struggle. (Unless you tranquilize them with some drug, another feature I hope for). If they're dead, the medics will fight you for the body to take it to the hospital. More variety of moves. At least some combos. (Not too necessary but it'll be more interesting) Full drive-by aiming angles. You can aim your shots even as the driver. 2 player mode: Split-screen. Distance between players unlimited. More radio stations and each station's script cycle should be longer. Cycle as in repeats.. Eg, WCTR start for Lazlow's entertaining America. 20 minutes later it goes back. Make it longer. When pedestrians punch you, cops chase them. Improve on the way gang members/friends follow you.. They keep bumping into walls and running in wrong directions. Airplane races. Instead of going through checkpoints alone, get some other racers to go along. And yes, it's a race. You have to win it. Bigger airplane/helicoptor explosions. Depending on what it is.. Eg, a passenger plane, like the AT400 should have an enormous explosion.. Not the same size as a Dodo's. Furnishing your house. Buying furnitures, putting them in your truck, driving it to a safe house and furnish it. Sitting down to recover energy quicker. Commanding friends/gangmembers to carry you. LOL! Just like you carry people. This is just for fun.. Maybe when your character's tired. Shotting when parachuting.. Longer and wider runways at airports. Real activities happening at airports.. (Taking off, landing, passengers walking around, buying tickets..) More ways of earning cash. Each mission has a particular time to start. Eg, one of Ryder's mission in SA. Time: 20:00 - 6:00. (When the ingame time is not between the mission's starting time, the particular character/s for the mission roam around the world as normal people.) Different types of tanks. Tank has limited Ammo. Eg, 50 cannonballs. Bulletholes. When your vehicle tips over, it does not blow up, neither does it die. If your character is strong enough, with very high muscle, (possible in real life), he can turn the car over and continue driving. But obviously for vehicles like Tanker or Bus, that would be impossible. Well, that's all I can think of. Probably most of what I said won't come true. Those are just ideas that I believe MOST people hope for. If R* even consider this, I don't mind having the game realeased in year 2010.. Or even later.. Well, I hope someone reads this.
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