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  1. Johnny, just be nice, and no one would be calling you names. Especially for Spaz, you gotta be EXTRA nice. You know him, he's being himself and no matter what people say if he's too sensitive, he won't change, that's what makes him a significant member of these forums. Now, back on topic, good day.
  2. What? M = 17 or 18 and above. AO = 21. I just turned 16 last month, though, so you can consider me an 'illegitimate' player. I don't really give a damn, I personally believe that I am mature enough for AO movies. I don't get obsessed about sex. I'm born like that. If only ESRB rated all GTA games E (everyone), it would be awesome, and R* is NOT to blame since they don't do the rating.
  3. Edds

    General Chat

    Hold up, are those true? If they are, you're a gangster for real, that gives you low reputation. And what's a bb gun? I called my teacher an idiot for giving me detention for whispering in class, and that earned me extra detention. I sooo wanna screw her up... *Starting to get worse in mathematics*
  4. So there was General, General Discussion and General Off Topic Chat. And now, I'll be the one taking the next step, making a General thread. So... Talk about stuff here, rant your frustrations, tell us whatever you want, anything. Get to know how we're all like in real-life. I don't know if I'm being wise here making a topic like this but I feel the compulsion. So, enjoy... *Wields my fire shield* (In case some mod or admin flames me for creating a such a topic) I don't know how to start, I'll leave it to someone else.
  5. Well, different people have different taste. R* tried out the gangsta theme, but hey, there were some Mafia-related stuff later in the storyline. But if gamers prefer something than to the other, the production teams have to at least hear us out.
  6. What? That sounds like a you're playing a celebrity. Just spell out the full word, use punctuations, especially full-stops, and do some paragraphing if the post is long. Just try not to n00b around, or you'll annoy Spaz. And he will kill you.
  7. Damn, CJ's losing, nooo! Tommy has no heart, Carl has feelings.
  8. Edds

    The Getaway PS3

    Those screenshots are old the video was shown at E3 in late May. Yeah the game looks real, lively and awesome. But I bet GTA4 would top that somewhere in late 2006. I hope I'll still be a gamefreak by then... Obsessed with my studies. And some Hollywood dreamgirl.
  9. I personally would like a new face. Obviously remeeting some old faces like Lance, Cesar or 8-Ball...
  10. Alright, I've been off the forums for about a week and some ideas just popped into my head... - There should be wind. As they get stronger, leaves, newspapers and other weightless litters should fly around feet level. - Bailing form a car/motorbike or colliding your car into another vehicle or building should reduce your health. (The higher to speed, the more damage it does) - Much more natural pedestrian behaviour. Walking in pairs, groups, talking, yelling, laughing, kissing, all sorts of stuff. This would really liven the game. - I've said it, and I'll bring it up again. Pedestrian spawn in random clothes instead of a full person. - No natural disasters. (Why? I don't know. They wouldn't fit it) - At least 60% of buildings accessible. - No loading when entering a building. The door just swings open. - Petrol, hmm... This' a hard one. But I'll have to say yes. It adds to the fun, you can check out petrol stations with citizens filling up their cars, you can blow the gas tanks up. (That would be cool) - Non-storyline related radio interactivity should also exist. What do I mean? In GTASA, as you progressed, some radio stations (especially WCTR) would report on something you did. This time, if you commit a random crime, maybe blowing up a helicopter in the city, they'll comment on it on their local radio station. - A perfect map. 2 cities, each as big as the whole of San Andreas itself along with a huge countryside, twice the sizeof San Andreas. And IF Los Santos is featured in any GTA game again, PLEASE, R*. Take that Vinewood sign further away in the Green Hills. (Beverly in real-life) Alright, that's about it. Hope everyone likes my ideas. Or wishes?
  11. Wow, that dude claims he completed the game 40 times. OMG, I salute you. And check out his english, there's no punctuation! LoL
  12. Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice. Don't have to take an early lead, stay right behind them, and when you're reaching the finish line, speed past them. And try not to topple your car over at the wide dirt-roads beside the river near the end, stay in the middle. If you can't do this, I can't really help you, since I don't use cheats. (It corrupts your saved-game file and you WILL regret it)
  13. Good post. Yeah, just re-install it, renegade, it's only up to Los Sepulcros. That's like only 3 hours. Just try progressing through the game NORMALLY.
  14. Pop for life... They are really soul-healing...
  15. Wow, are you just trying to up your dollars? Interesting topic, by the way.
  16. ^ What force? And has the coolest signature around. LOD pwnZ! < Eats derbies to posess wisdom. (That's 50 hats a day) v It doesn't matter if this dude posts or not.
  17. Over - Lindsay Lohan (shit, teengirl! And I'm in love with her... ...)
  18. I've seen police chasing criminals numerous times while playing. I'd like to see other types of high-speed activities. Gang car chasing another, both performing drive-bys. Regular people racing against each other/chasing one another. And here's my favourite, a famous face (not a real-life celeb, of course) in the car. Being followed by a dark window-tinted car -- Paparazzi! (Some photographers sticking their cameras shooting) Ha, anyone seen any of this in real life? Witnessing one made me post this idea.
  19. ^ Envies my facotry < Is on his way to hollywood fame v Is the first person to walk on Jupiter
  20. I really wonder what happened to R&B and Pop... I dislike both Rock and Rap. Well, maybe Rock isn't that bad. But they're still not my type.
  21. You refering to me? I thought it was new, so I decided to post it on thegtaplace. It can't be that old, right?
  22. Oh my gently caress why'd you bump a 4 month old topic instead of start a new one? Nevermind, anyway I think you saved the game with cheats on. The solution to this is to start a new game, trust me, there isn't any other way, well, so far, sorry.
  23. Exit the casino and enter again. It's only for roulette and blackjack. You need a high gambling skill though, to gamble up to the maximum of $1,000,000. You start off with $100 or $1000.
  24. I found some site speaking on the blu-ray company and it says the that they're are developing a 4-layer blu-ray disc (100GB). I forgot the address, so sorry about that. I'm simply wondering if they're just frauds.
  25. *May contain mini-spoilers, don't worry, I'm just revealing mission names, nothing to do with the story* In case if you're on the PC version, I must warn you, there're two missions that would really be a challenge. One called "Supply Lines" (where you need good plane skill) and the other "Up, up and away" (you need sharp eyesight for this one). Those weren't spoilers, were they? And don't worry they're mostly the same, which means easy.
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