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  1. Still, the regular cars look dumb and unrealistic. None of the cars in GTA ever satisfied me, though. Not even the Infernus or the Cheetah. It's "anyhoo", not "anywho".
  2. Wow, I actually disagree with everything except for "more weapons". Although it's obvious to disagree with the "no radio stations at all" part. Weapons, I agree with more weapons, but I still believe the game has too many weapon inventory slots. I mean, who could carry a grenade, shotgun, rifle, pistol, baseball bat, didlo, rocket launcher and an MP5 all at the same time? The slots should be divided like in counter-strike or something. Primary weapon, (M-4, MP5, AK-47) a secondary weapon, (Deagle, 9mm) a grenade, and a heavy weapon. (Flamethrower, etc). Also, as you hold these weapons, they appear on some part of your character. Maybe if you carry an AK, it'll appear at your back or something, depending on the clothes you wear, perhaps. Also, to add on realism, as you carry more weapons, weight is added and your character may not be able to sprint with as much duration. As for ammo, personally, I believe it'll be better with a lower limited ammo you can carry. Like in SA, you can hold up to 9990 or something like that. And worse, with the Ammu-Nation challenge glitch, it becomes uncountable. I prefer the limit to be around 100-200 for each weapon. I know it sucks but it doesn't trouble me if I have to go back to Ammu-Nation and stock up, it seems more realistic. I'm not sure about my ideas, but if they rock, compliment me. If they suck, tell me so, but you're gonna have to pay for that.
  3. Newcomers are so retarded and completely ignorant... Don't you see a wishlist topic, vague smartass? I bet there'll be a few more n00bs like you flooding the forums with useless topics like this. Pissed.
  4. Are there weapons skills on the PC Version? (Like maybe the higher the skill, the less the crosshair expands?)
  5. The only thing I hated was the straight terrain.. There wasn't a single slope.
  6. Well, at least in San Andreas petrol stations had 3 uses. 1, flowers for your girlfriends. 2, vending machines for health. 3, I don't know if even ANYONE knows this, since it isn't posted anywhere on the internet, try punching one of those fuel tanks (or whatever it's called) and it explodes. Destroys everything around you and yourself. (self-destruct). [Off topic: WGE? Don't call me that again. It sounds faggish. Just Ed, or Eddie.)
  7. I don't see how people like The Sniper can live without getting bored. Almost 40% of my time spent awake is staring into the sky... Daydreaming... The other 60, well, on these forums, PS2, music (both listening and playing) and everyday stuff like eating and working out. Working out for some people, not those lazy ones.
  8. Just for the people who wants this petrol feature... If it really comes, you'll hate it. Mods, Refugee just made a nice two-month-bump there.
  9. Nice job bumping an old topic there. It's obviously not gonna get anywhere as good as SA, the PSP is not the PS2. Wait hang on, the PSP is as powerful as the PS3.
  10. But 100000000 to 1 sounds weird... And why does your sig say "BAN ME!"?
  11. Edds

    Site Launches

    Uh, no. The page where you reviewed San Andreas. "On starting the game you're greeted with amzing new graphics and a much wider way to experience the game such as the bike in front of you. As you progress through the game, you'll experience awesome new functions such as climbing, swimming, cycling and 2 new multi-million military vehicles. If the Rap gang feel isn't your 'cup of tea' then don't woryy, the game transforms past the first island that will have you robbing casinos, breaking into goverment military installations and generally having good fun. The radios in my view are one of the let downs, but then 90s music never compaed to the 80s" Noticed a few typos there. Those are the only ones I found on the site. Errors: amazing spelled as amzing worry spelled as woryy compared spelled as compaed Only 3 words, though. But it's best to perfect your work.
  12. Edds

    Site Launches

    Not bad... Umm, I spotted a few typos in your SA reviews. Nice site. By the way, I've been wondering. What program do you use to make those GTAIV fake screenshots? Just curious.
  13. For me I'm hoping for as many types of gangs as possible. The Mafias, Triads, ghetto gangs.. Everything. I don't know why, but most people want Mafias only. In my opinion, it's best to include as much as possible into the game.
  14. Actually, to me, it's all praises and no criticizes. It's a suitable topic for ideas on properties and it stands out of the general wishlist. Great ideas.
  15. 100000000 to 1? So the odds are extremely THICK? Or did you mean 1 : 10000000? I don't see why people hate CJ. Maybe it's because of his bad language? I do hope to see him in future GTA games, though.
  16. Yo TS, I'm sure you'll like it if you don't get wanted for sniping a cop, eh? (Since they can't really tell who's the shooter)
  17. Some of mine... Your computer misses the thegtaplace Warning .&b1=DISINFECT%21%21&b1g=x&b2=I%27m+so+screwed...&b3=" target="_blank">Virus virus found
  18. When I'm bored, I eat 5 apples, 3 pears and 2 oranges. Then, I'll take a nap.
  19. You hate CJ? Damn you! I don't mind if you "dislike" him but you "hate" him! How could you? Anyway, Here's my wishlist ... I'd like to see Catalina. Ok that's it. (It's only one wish, right? The PSP will definitely be able to handle that)
  20. I always wanted cities to be bigger, much bigger. Like twice of Los Santos for each city will do fine.
  21. I'm wondering if Catalina and Claude will appear on this chapter... From San Andreas' storyline of course. Long lives Catalina! Guys, what do you think of the next main character? Would you want it to be someone totally new or a familiar person?
  22. If we don't spam, we'll get arrested. Arrested by who?
  23. Because most people just think of something they'll "enjoy doing" not "never get bored of". Get it? (If you don't, you're a fool).
  24. People, try this, before posting your ideas, contemplate. Tell this to yourself: Now what can they add to GTA that I can never/hardly get bored of? And soon great ideas will be flooding this topic.
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