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  1. No one knows the cause of this glitch or how to fix it.... I got it too but luckily I maxed out my muscle before it happened. Pity you.
  2. Erm, actually, there're 3 planes of the fastest with the same speed. At-400, Hydra and the Shamal. Don't bother denying me cos I tested it out, flying from Los Santos airport to Las Venturas'. All 3 of them took 53.5 - 54 seconds. And obviously, the Hydra remains the best because of it's controls and missiles.
  3. Most electronic guns got weird joysticks on it. I dono, I'm still expecting R* to give options, though. But if they don't, they'll probably stick with auto-aim and I'll have to accept it, reluctantly.
  4. Click here Check it out... It's in spanish, though. Quote (from GTAforums): * No Planes or helicopters * you control toni with the analog stick * you change the camera with the select button * you can change clothes * better graphics than GTA:III * new landmarks in liberty city * R3 missions * All the cars from GTA:3 plus the bikes from Vice City * Rockstar had a PLAYABLE VERSION OF LCS ON THE PSP @ E3!(Inside the bus) * Better Drawn Distance * Cars with better reflections than in SA * The Storyline is going to be as long as VC * Unique Jumps * Hidden Packages
  5. Oh, and try not to stay too close to Freddy or you'll get shot at.
  6. Actually, what Spaz meant was to "move the joystick and you'll me in manual-aim mode", sarcasm on me, that is. (Which I didn't mind, lol) Or maybe, you could choose what you want. Auto-aim, joystick, mouse, electronic gun, that would be something for everyone. Since my favourite is the gun, as you're really "shooting". Whatever it is, I can't say much on it as I don't think Rockstar would read this and actually consider it. We'll just have to wait til' it comes out.
  7. Are you sure it has NO sugar and carbs? I thought it still has some at least, or how'd it get its sweetness? (Oh, I just realized this topic should be in forums "General discussion" instead of "Fun and games")
  8. Right. But having hot air balloons and surfboards aren't "over-realistic", are they? Cos I like them to be in the game. Spaz, maybe they could include a mouse for the PS3? Wait, that's stupid, Sony's not gonna do that for just one game. But I really prefer to do the aiming myself, like in the PC version. Electronic gun? I'm not sure about you people, but I like it. (Weird sarcasm there, especially with those capital letters)
  9. This mission isn't hard actually, as that fag usually stops at some point to wait for you. You don't really "catch" him, he'll stop near Ganton at the basketball courts. That's where you kill him, and drive OG Loc to a far-away Burger Shot to complete the mission.
  10. Keep killing drug dealers. They usually carry around $2000. There're two types, one is a white guy in white clothes and the other is the black guy in dark threads. To identify them more clearly, they'll usaully be folding their arms and if you get close to them they'll offer you drugs. (Can't buy any, though) If that's not enough. Get up to $20000 and buy the safe house that's north of the Johnson House. (I don't know the name of the hood) Save them game in there. With that remaining $10000, go to the betting shop under the Mulholland Intersection. (You should be able to find it, it's at the southern part under the crossroads) Bet that $10000 for the bottom horse (11/1 or 12/1). If you lose, reload the game. If you win, save. Keep repeating as the cash increases. I got over $70m doing this for just an hour. (From $20000)
  11. I didn't suggest for the analog stick. I just hated the fact that we weren't the ones doing the aiming. Wasn't that what you suggested?
  12. Err... Actually, the armor increases by 50% for completing Vigilante missions. (Up to level 12)
  13. Do you have tiny palms, or are mine overgrown? Whatever, anyway, you win. (There you go ) And if turns out your way, the gameplay controls wouldn't change, then. Wouldn't that be dumb? (I hope we're debating and not fighting) Du truth, nice list. But I still hate the ideas of animals. Oh... I almost forgot. The auto-aim function still sucks.
  14. There're a few consequences... Like the disability to complete mission "Madd Dogg" in Las Venturas. Or not being able to get 100%... The reason of cheats is not to help you throughout the game, it's mainly for more fun.
  15. Damn, man, you gotta relax a bit. Actually, the DualShock controller didn't have enough buttons for GTA:SA, the had to replace "Horn" with "Hydraulics lock" (L3) and "Hydraulics" with "Camera angle" (Right stick). Hey, I'm not asking for a dozen more buttons. Maybe an extra pair, one under the D-Pad and another under "X" or something, or an added shoulder button. Also, the DualShock controllers were still considered "small", the Xbox ones weren't anywhere closed to bulky, they just had those sticks positioned stupidly. Unless you're speaking for a 10-year-old with small palms. And try to post peacefully... Spaz.
  16. Whether you guys disagree or agree with Refugee, I still support all of his ideas.
  17. Nice post, Kane. I like most of them, those I dislike are mainly the ones that involve animals. I don't think animals would suit into GTA. My most desired idea is the "all buildings/houses enterable/accesible" one. That's the best suggestion I've seen on any online GTA forums by far. I also wish for no loading when you enter a building, it might take a huge disc space but blu-ray should be able to support that. I also like the idea of more/infinite variety of pedestrians, where they spawn in random clothes of random colors instead of having to spawn the whole person. As for property, check out Refugee's idea in his topic "Property/real estate". It's all explained in there. SA had around 105 main story missions. I'd like it to range around 500-1000. But obviously, the more, the better. Well, currently, I'm just hoping for Sony to change the PS3 control, I don't mind the design, but I want more buttons/analog sticks for more controls. (I hope you get this already, Spaz. Just check out LCS on the PSP, they're lacking controls and that's sucky.) And yes, the auto-aim function still sucks. I want something else. Like an electronic gun.
  18. Holy shit, that's hilarious! I highly doubt that Rockstar would include any of the previous cities in GTA IV. I just hope it stays in the USA, although it doesn't really bother me if it sets in some other country.
  19. Another asshole who suggests for kids... And worse, get married??
  20. The AK-47 is one of the worst in the list. Check it it's accuracy, the crosshair expands like shit even with hitman level. And... Hydro, what's an M5? (one of the weapons in the list) I thought it's an Mp5
  21. I think Rockstar made a slight mistake in changing the names of all city. (Liberty City=NY, Vice=Miami) Who knows, they might take 2 years creating the game and spend the next 5 years trying to rename the the place.
  22. I love that idea... I mean, it won't take too long, right? Rockstar spent much more time creating the gameplay itself than the missions, don't they? And each mission should be much longer. I mean at least 10-15 minutes. Then it would take us like a few hundred hours of game-playing time to complete all main missions before leaving us with boredom. (I hate it when story missions end since you don't get to see other characters anymore.) How's my idea on manual-aim anyway? Or if you dislike the electronic gun function, what should they use? (The analog stick would suck it's hard to aim)
  23. Whatever it is, GTA's car handling system still owns the famous NFS'.
  24. A speedometer is a MUST in GTA IV, or it would be a real disappointment. Wow, you're the first one to think of that. It is possible, but unlikely. And wouldn't it take a supercomputer to handle such a game? RSX graphic card for PC, haha. Anyone here hates the "auto-aim" thingy in the PS2 and XBOX? I much prefer the weapon function in the PC since you have to aim manually. Maybe Sony and Microsoft (damn, I had to say Microsoft, ) might invent an electronic gun for games that involve shotting? I hope so...
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