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  1. elliooo

    The Society

    Really nice looking forum, although the banner looks a little bad in my opinon. But the overall board looks very nice!
  2. elliooo

    PlayStation 3 Unveiled, GTA4 Confirmed!

    THe new design looks very nice in my opinon, although it does seem to look a little weird, but I cat quite put my finger on it.
  3. elliooo


    Skin is definately not to my liking, that bright green and various other shades really turns me off.
  4. elliooo

    GTA Ranch

    Thanks man! I think that's gotta be the nicest feedback Ive ever seen!
  5. elliooo

    GTA Ranch

    GTA Ranch This is the site I've been working on for a fair while now, we're focusing on exclusive content, and info about the stuff that you are less likely to have seen already in the game Like this page for example its info and pics of all FOUR of the 'sex toys' in San Andreas. We have a load of screenshots of San Andreas, we have most of the vehicles now. Bikes Helicopters/Planes Any feedback is great appreciated
  6. elliooo


    They aren't comming out here in Australia until the 1st September! Don't know why we have to wait so damn long. At $430 I don't think Ill be getting one anytime soon though.......
  7. elliooo

    GTA Unit Forums

    Very nicely made forums, good too see that people are putting some effort in rather than just going with whatever is easiest Good job!
  8. elliooo

    Search the Web, on your PSP!

    haha! That's pretty damn cool... HAvent heard that before though, either, so nice find!
  9. elliooo

    Talk about the worst thing in San Andreas.

    The graphical glitches for me, when you'd crash, and a few scconds later, a building would materialise in front of you.
  10. elliooo

    Word Association

  11. elliooo

    how to TELEPORT!

    Yeah i can't get this to work...
  12. elliooo


    Hahah! That's great man! Great, and very interesting read.
  13. elliooo

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hey all. I've been here a couple of days, and it's a great site
  14. elliooo


    Looks very cool, very nice. ALthough it does seem a little empty.
  15. elliooo

    Xbox Screens Update

    I can't wait for San Andreas MTA, it is going to be so damn good. And I'm sure the mod community will definately have a few tricks up their sleeve for it