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  1. O_G_Loc

    wanted cars in GTA3?

    How come you cant get 100% on this?
  2. O_G_Loc

    Favorite Music Vidio

    Just a little bit-50 cent.
  3. O_G_Loc

    Gaming Nation

    Gaming Nation Check out the 3D forums.
  4. O_G_Loc


    Well I would be nice if we had one.
  5. O_G_Loc

    100% Complete ?!

    I have 98%. I did everything but the Zero mission. DAMN YOU ZERO!!!!
  6. O_G_Loc


    Yeah just go back and get them.
  7. I think you should put in a shoutout, I have the code for it.
  8. O_G_Loc

    Three Word Story

    To play some...
  9. O_G_Loc

    How good is The GTA Place?

    I think this is better then GTAF. I love the new skin.
  10. O_G_Loc

    Three Word Story

    Then they went...
  11. O_G_Loc


    I didn't realise you left Welcome Back!
  12. O_G_Loc

    Cj vs Sweet

  13. O_G_Loc

    Three Word Story

    of real skills
  14. O_G_Loc

    Suggestion for Shop

    Can you make it so we can buy a house?
  15. O_G_Loc

    Three Word Story

    with a scope