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  1. Well... That's your job! Lol. I'd like to help, but I'm busy with getting active users to my website. The flycatching method isn't great. But you should think of something that might get GTA fans hyped. With something that's not being done by other websites. The idea is that the people come for the GTA, then become part of the community.
  2. I'd help, but I can't be assed to fight with myspace at the moment... Hope this is useful to you (lol). There should be some good tuts out there, though. You can easily make a myspace Flash page by hiding stuff with css and inserting a Flash thing there instead. CSS is pretty simple, really.
  3. me espanol es no buena lol... could you believe I've been "learning" for nearly 2 years now? Well, I've actually only just started picking up on basic words like "buena" (thanks to the language setting on my TV). I have the most random collection of spanish words, though... And I'm still trying to figure out how to tell if a sentence is in the correct order, lol.
  4. Wow... Where do I begin? Eminem has to be the best. Not to forget the fact he has produced amazing tunes too. He has a great ear for music and his flow is unmatchable. I reckon he's the only rapper I wouldn't be able to rap along in time with as he manages to say lot's of things in such a flawless way. For example, the song Crazy In Love (which I absolutely can't resist listening to again after having already listened to it) always ends up making me struggle to keep up with (while at the same time literally twisting my tounge) and he seems to do it so flawlessly. You can probably even see my comment about it on the link I think it's the bit after he says "if it wasn't for you I would never be able to spit this" where I get lost. Then there's Drug Ballad (which I can keep up with... almost) which really shows how he can flow and rhyme so well. And in the song Criminal where you can really get to know how mental he is. Lol. Seems to love humor and doing impressions. Nearly every good rapper you can think of, Eminem featured with or rejected (lol). And who can forget about Forgot About Dre... But yeah... There's loads of rappers. Most of them good and/or deceased But the thing that I find really annoying is that there's been a sudden drop in good music from any of them. It seems like an instant, synchronized end of Hip Hop where a load of rappers have just stopped making music. Heh, but not Eminem Apparently Dre is still doing stuff, but no one knows when he's actually gonna finish "finetuning" the beats, lol. Could take him another few years. 2Pac, 3-6 Mafia, 50 cent, Afroman, Andre, Biggie, Blaq Poet, Bubba Sparxxx, Busta Rhymes, Cee-Low, Chamillionaire, Clipse, Common, Comptons Most Wanted, Coolio, Cypress Hill, D12, Dead Prez, DMX, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Eightball, Eve, Freeway, The Game, Gang Starr, Ice Cube, Ja Rule, Jagged Edge, Jay Z, Jermaine Dupris, Kanye West, KRS One, LL Cool J, Ludacris, Luniz, Method Man, MJG, Mobb Deep, M.O.P, Mystikal, Nate Dogg, NWA, OG Loc, Outkast (Love Below/Speakerboxx), P Diddy, Plies, Slick Rick, Snoop Dogg, T.I, Too Short, Twista, Ultramagnetic MC's, UGK, Vanilla Ice, Xzibit Please, if you have any ideas of changes to that list. Inform me as I'm running low on unheard tunes and I plan to use this list to find the hidden music. And yes, I included RnB here a little. Kanye used to be good. But meh. His best songs are "Arguments", "Bittersweet", "Family Business" and "The New Workout Plan" (greaat song).
  5. You can. It's called modding
  6. Deji

    Skate theft auto?

    Or you could play one of the many millions of Skate games that already exist? I myself was anticipating "Tekken Theft Auto" or something. But it's never gonna be done. Plus... Skate Theft Auto don't make no damn sense, lol. There's a reason it's called Grand Theft Auto... You can't just go replacing words just because it sounds cool GTA is about Gangsters, not urban street kids (thank god). And so far it's managed to stick to that theme. So I doubt it will turn down a road of cheesy spin-offs.
  7. I agree. For me, the IPB Upgrade kinda ruined things. I wasn't really hyped on IPB 3 in the first place... And I just think it was much more original with the old theme. Maybe it's just my view on things but I liked everything how it was when I joined... Then again, for others this way is probably better.
  8. DAMN I wanna help with the script. Me "script writing" es buenas. Just felt like a little bad spanglish there... Anyway... I'd be more enthusiastic about this but apparently there's not even a city yet... So, umm... Well... Not really much to get excited about? Unless you could of course assume that Mr Houser is lying. Lol. I wouldn't be suprised if half the story was already thought up and in a few months a surprise release will occur
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bhi42nKi7w So, ummm... Maybe someone can finally tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've watched every damn tutorial there is. All I wanna do is have some fun and I have a feeling that I'm not the only one... So any assistance would be appreciated
  10. I'm the only one who voted "Business"? DAMN! I feel weird now. I guess I also use it for educationally stuff (wow, educationally is a real word according to Firefox, cool!)... Still tryna get a Paypal account, though. And maybe an online job involving web coding until then.
  11. If anyone gets a Wii they MUST get WiiFit Plus. Freakin amazing. Ah, back in my day all they had were PS1's, Megadrives and Dreamcasts. I'm sure others such as my mum can tell a much older "back in my day" story involving those tapes but not all of us have the honor of living in such simpler times, lol. Anyway, it's great and I feel like I've had more exercise in the past week than in my last 3 years... I'd also say WiiPlay is a good game but apparently not many others like it (a lot of people have bad game judgment)...
  12. Deji

    DJ Hero

    Apparently it's received very little publicity. I never really cared much for the Guitar Hero thing. And DJ Hero seems pointless to me (I have REAL DJ Decks). I'm sure if I could be bothered, I'd find em pretty fun. The DJ Hero advert looks really rubbish, anyway. The bad mix really makes me wonder what the selling point to the game actually is. Anyway, if anyone actually buys this game I'd like to hear if it actually does have some good mixing on.
  13. Mmm... In my experience, I'd guess the "bullies" didn't see it from that perspective. I used to get "picked on" (Though I didn't even care. It was like they'd just say stuff at me and I'd laugh back...) but eventually I just decided that since they are indeed just people, I could manage to get on the other side of them. And I did. I simply stopped caring that much about stuff that didn't matter. I laughed along with it and they kinda became friends. And I guess what they're doing is actually pretty natural. Animals have the same hierarchy thing going and only by wanting to be on top, can you be. Not saying it's right, but hey... Being bullied is hard, bullying is easy. So it's obvious that people would rather do one than the other. Although I guess bullies come worse than what I've seen... I've never seen a bully beat up someone (aside from people who helped start the fight) or steal money. It's just the general name-calling. And watching as one who neither bullies or gets bullied anymore, I feel that although the bullies are wrong... There are things that bullied kids could do to stop it. Unfortunately, no one wants my help, lol. In fact, these bullied kids don't like talking to me even though I've never done anything to em in my life. I think they just don't like my non-seriousness. I'ma jokey person.
  14. Wasn't interested till the lights go out... Can't shut my mo... Wait, what I was saying turned into the trailer music. Twas the song that really got my attention (love it!). Anyway, the trailer looks fun and I just wish I had a PS3 and a big TV like my friend had (HUGE TV + Modern Warfare + PS3 x ONLINE = FUN!). And I really don't give a damn about any of the other Call of Duty's... Since they're all set in the past n stuff. Me like Modern... Anyway, just thought I'd type in between my WiiFit fun, lol.
  15. Wow... What's his Facebook account called? Damn I wanna add him. Guess it won't matter from his jail sentence Meh, he needs to know more about computers, really... Even if he'd logged out, the history would probably indicate his username. Plus cookies may remain and if really necessary, most authorities have access to everyones Facebook anyway so they could have easily traced him from that. I don't like the "1-10 years", though. It should be less... I mean, if he's THAT stupid he's not really as much of a threat than other criminals, lol. That would be a kick in the teeth "You're being let go because you're too stupid to do anything serious, anyway".
  16. Really wish I could test this (I've been working on a police-themed main.scm conversion for a while) but my computer won't run GTA without stalling. It'd be interesting to see how it works. I've wanted to get some knowledge on C++ enough to make .asi mods for San Andreas but I can't really get past the simple stage of making a command prompt screen with input, math and output... Lol. Anyway, if I ever get my PC fixed I'll check it out
  17. = my wireless connection on a VERY good day. Plus I've found a spot where it seems to work well. I'm suprised with the result, though...
  18. Okay, allow me to give a little short-term offer. At the moment I need something to tame my workaholism... My video card drivers mess up my pc, so I can't mod at the moment. And I've still a little more time until I can set up a Paypal account so that I can start working on the websites I've got planned. Anyway, I was wondering if someone here had a website they wanted designing or coding for them. At the time being, I'm limited to CSS, XHTML/HTML4.0, basic PHP and some Javascript, although... For this same reason (and since I'm not yet classed as "Professional"), I will be doing any work for free. I've also got knowledge in SEO and a bit of web security. So yeah... Any one who wants something designed to look good or function well, no matter how serious they are about having a website, feel free to ask for as long as the text "Open" is displayed in green. But note that I will not be running websites for you, only getting you going. On-Hold
  19. If it's on the icon, it's probably just muted. Try turning your system volume up. Dunno much about Windows 7, though.
  20. Kinda, but I think it was an hour-long thing... So I don't know if it'll be on Youtube or anything. But basically, he didn't show you how he predicted... But how you could predict it (as promised)... And there are 3 ways. I think these were them: Guess. Come up with some algorithm. Fix the machine. He went through all of them, including how he would fix the machine... "Not that I did that".
  21. Followup: That was the best show I've ever watched! Really made me think about a whole load of things. I can't wait to try and win the lottery myself (via method 3, lol). Seriously, I loved his little thing at the end. And it all kinda ties in. He said he was going to make secure systems look useless or w/e... Anticipating this "Controlling the nation" thing... Although if it works we may all become slaves to the TV. Unable to move forever unless he decides we can go... Like an episode of Doctor Who or somethin... Anyway, nice work Derren. I wanna try out this coin thing now... I think I've listed them all right... HHH < THH HHT < THT HTT < HHT TTT < HTT TTH < HTH THH < TTH (Left is the original "bet" and right is the version more likely to appear.) Somehow it makes sense to me... I notice how it rules out the chance of 3-in-a-row being the bet. But why can't you just not use TTT or HHH? Maybe there's something else in there that will make the second one more likely than the first one (although it's probably down to look from there on after). Yawn... Sleep
  22. Heh, I look at things simply Overcomplication bores the hell outa me.
  23. Why was there no audience? So nobody saw the balls being changed (or whichever method they used). There was a second camera, which was not used during the whole thing... I'm guessing it's footage has the answers. Aparently the "no crowd" is due to legal reasons and I can kinda understand that the BBC may be dodgy about him showing the answers before them (for the simple reason that they're the BBC). I'm certain that he has not actually "predicted" the results. But still, I'm expecting something more than just a split screen... I can do that, ffs... I'm sure he has more self-respect than to have someone change the balls while the lottery was going on.
  24. People say the balls were changed during filming and that because there's an aparent "7 second delay" then the balls were changed... But I highly doubt that he is going to come on next episode and say: "It was all I big camera trick... It has nothing to do with anything intelligent, distraction or mind tricks so I lied in the adverts AND on the show. Goodbye!" However he reveals he did it, it's going to be complex... Probably too complex for us to copy... If he was going to give us a foolproof way to win the lottery, the BBC would go mad... As it is, they already banned him from entering the lottery before "The Event" (lol!). Also, the BBC have been fighting off endless questions due to this... Basically just to reassure people that the lottery is NOT rigged, lol. People say that like his show, "The System" he has simply recorded lot's of footage of different outcomes of the lottery result... Which I don't believe. Imagine that! Millions of possible results = millions of different footage... He'd have to be a billionaire to afford to have a studio record all that, lol... Plus it'd take a few years, not one. People also say that the balls are lasered on with the numbers... Again, that'd be dissapointing, so I don't think that he's done that. People are also saying that there was a spit screen between the balls and the TV/Derren... Which is not possible considering the shakiness of the camera. People also say he discovered a "fault" in the Lottery Machine.. Yeah right. He admits he's not psychic and he's NOT a magician (He's also turned down a place in the magic circle, lol!). I expect there's some trickery involved, but that's the point! Can't wait to see how he went about doing it. According to someone (who is in the magic circle, I believe) there are 99 ways to predict the lottery... Hows he not rich? I think he just wants us to believe he's better than Derren or something. Where's his show predicting the lottery, eh? Lol.. Shot on the 9th of the 9th, 2009? 999/666... He's the devil
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