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  1. The Fear

    Another SA wallpaper

    I dont really like them, too me they show nothing about GTA except a logo. The rest doesnt seem like GTA.
  2. The Fear

    Please vote for my sig !

    He probably didnt make the one hes wearing now. IMO i wouldnt notice a black border, but thats just me, i would say either a yellow border to tie in with the text or a white one cause white always looks good. well most of the time it does. Its your first like you said, and im no one to judge peoples imaging 7/10.
  3. The Fear

    Word Association

    the world
  4. The Fear

    The Sims Online!

    I just now got it and i love it. Its amazingly better then the normal sims but without downloadable stuff.
  5. The Fear

    uh, a sig..I guess.

    There isnt a rule against arguing. 1. I didnt make my sig. 2. I said i thought the sig was fruity looking and i didnt like the style, i have the right to my opinion. 3. You my friend dont even know what my sig is.
  6. The Fear

    Word Association

  7. The Fear

    uh, a sig..I guess.

    They look fruity if you ask me, really fruity. I just dont like the style. P.S. biggamer, i dont even make sigs, i didnt make mine.
  8. The Fear

    uh, a sig..I guess.

    I dont thik syline makes very good sigs, he made the sopranos one right? You dont take requests? That just sucks now doesnt it?
  9. The Fear

    Word Association

    lynx bus
  10. The Fear

    Word Association

    lawn mowers
  11. The Fear

    uh, a sig..I guess.

    Very nice, you indeed are the best GFX Artist i have seen here. Can you make me a sig?
  12. The Fear

    Word Association

    gross heinekin
  13. The Fear

    Word Association

  14. The Fear

    Word Association

  15. The Fear

    Word Association