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  1. Must be at least two years since i was active on these boards. Then i started college and just didnt have enough time for this place. Oh well, im in my last year of college now and there is far less work this year so i get a lot more free time. Hopefully this place will get a lot more active with GTAV on the way. Indeed. Girlfriends are a licence to print money. Dirty one night stands are where its at.
  2. If this screenshot is anything to go by the map is going to be fecking huge. I dont think size will be an issue though, i mean they managed to fit the Just Cause 2 map onto one disk.
  3. If you have watched the trailer you will know that Los Santos will be a location in GTAV. But what of San Fierro and Las Venturas? Do you think these cities will also be included so to make up the whole state of San Andreas? Personally i would love to see an new San Fierro and Las Venturas. I also hope the small country towns in between make a return too. So many questions, not enough answers lol.
  4. If im not mistaken that scene has been taken next to the abandoned casino in GTAIV, using some palm tree and car mods and retextured road surface.
  5. Im not sure you appreciate the time and effort it takes to produce games that are as big and as detailed as GTA. And far from not prioritising, R* North have actually been working on GTAV since the release of IV. What more do you want Rockstar to do? Pull an EA and churn out a new GTA game every year, that will most likely be of sub-par quality and full of glitches because they have to rush the development? On topic, my avatar i have had since Lost and Damned was released. I picked it because it looked pretty badass.
  6. My money is on San Andreas, more specifically Las Venturas. That "five" logo has a kind of SA/LV feel to it. Not too bothered really where it is located though. So long as i can shoot things, drive like a maniac and generally cause an un-holy amount of chaos, i'll be a happy bunny. Having said that i would like to see rural areas make a return in this installment. We need somewhere to use all those 4x4s, pick-up trucks and dirtbikes.
  7. I gotta say i really enjoyed the first two Saints Row games a lot. However imo, GTA wins hands down, with its stronger story lines, very memorable characters, better physics and just generally far more fluid and slick gameplay. I have never failed to become totally immersed in all the 3D GTA games, like i was physically there myself acting out the story, something which the Saints Row games have never really done for me. I will be getting SR3 though. Need something to fill the void between GTAIV and the next installment.
  8. I have no problem with these full body scanners. I do worry though how far our governments are willing to go in the name of combating terrorism. I fear that they could one day surrender all our freedoms and implement some blatent authoritarian or fascist techniques, and the unthinking majority will just roll over and accept it, because they think it will make them safer. Hopefully it wont come to that. Tbh i think terrorism (particularly this Islamic breed) is an overblown problem, its nothing compared to the threat the IRA and UDA posed to Britain a few decades back. Being killed or injured in a terrorist attack is the least of my worries when i leave my home, im more like to be killed in a mugging, or simply by crossing a busy road.
  9. Im not being funny or anything, but i dont believe for one second that your mum let your sister get that Wolverine game. How many 9 year old girls do you know who would be interested in a game like that anyway? But anyway, you can legally buy Assassins Creed and Skate 2 yourself, but as for the rest? Just accept it and get over it, you only have to wait a few months. As people have said, i can see from your "reaction" in this post how your mum might not think your mature enough for those games.
  10. On tuesday, my friend was walking home through the park, it was dark, and six guys surrounded her, one of them put a knife to her thoat and said they where going to rape her. Luckily they ran off before doing anything, because a man was walking his dog and it started barking at them. Pretty scary shit, but it could have ended lot worse.
  11. Heres something i have been thinking about in a wise, beard stroking sort of way. The first amendment of the American constitution, clearly states "freedom of religion". A lot of this anti-gay marriage in the US is based on religious (Christian to be precise) belief. Now from what i can tell, most homosexuals are atheist, therefore isnt it completely contradictory to the first amendment, for Christians to force their own beliefs on non-religious people? People go apeshit if someone tries to challenge the second amendment, why should it be any different for the others?
  12. Well you are partly to blame because you should have been paying attention to what cleaning product you were using, and giving your mum the finger is just unnecessary, (if you didnt deserve to have your ps3 taken away before, you certainly do after doing that). And if you absoloutely have to be a villainous blaggard at school, try not to get caught. Or even easier just behave.
  13. Happy new year people! Im a wee bit drunk at the moment, me and friend have been having a little bender, ive had about 6 cans of carlsberg, and im currently washing alll that down with a nice pint of guinness, and my friend is currently asleep on the sofa, (fucking lightweight). Anyone got any new years resolutions? Mine is to learn to drive.
  14. Getting a wee bit of plagiarism in this morning are we? Ehem
  15. God also gave us free will, something a lot of Christians seem to forget. So, going by the logic that people cant be gay because their parents are male and female, does that also mean im not allowed to date/marry a black girl because both my parents are white? (its the same principal). Look, bottom line is, you can hate homosexuality all you want, but you really have to face up to the fact that some people will be gay and there is nothing you can do to stop that, dwelling on something you have no control over is a real good way to waste your own life. And i have one more question for all the homophobics here, give me one good example of how legalising gay marriage will affect your life or lifestyle?
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