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  1. whoa, do you care if i use those nice pics you have for a website
  2. fool you what another country i doubt that, you know nothin about crips or bloods fool you dont none of the sets, like Rollin 20s, Kelly Park, The pirus, 8tray gs, Pjays, or the main steet mafia cs

  3. dude i live in Carson, CA not San diego okay dude

  4. your so stupid just because i put San diego there you believe it my god, and to believe that you really think thats my birthdate

  5. oh yeah and what you about Bloods and Crips shit im were they started, faggot

  6. You mut, shut up before you dont get fed today, i lock your ass up in the fucking cage

  7. oh god your so bad, i lost the argument, listen white boy or whatever the hell you are Fuck you are, come up with someting that makes sense instead of your lame ass comebacks, you the shit cause your mom probably said your so special and better than everyone else, go stuff a dick and your and eat cum bitch, come over here and see whos the shit

  8. Fuck U, you norteno faggot

  9. Faggot, Faggot, Faggot, Faggot, Faggot, ahhh too bad

  10. ohhh god, im afraid and scared of mr. big bad 12 year old, who masterbates to animated sex

  11. dont take it personal

  12. hey asswhipe i saw your ass the grooming center, and then the pound

  13. yeah try to do it doggy style with yourself, you go drag your ass agianst the floor and see whos tha BITCH

  14. Fuck K9Krew you K 9 mut, shut the fuck and eat your fucking dog food you Female dog before i grab you by the neck and stick your face in your shit

  15. Alright i apologize to everyone can we please end this and im will not let anyone use this account no more so this account is done
  16. just jokin', realy, ha know, ha bummer, ha killaz, ha smart, ha go watch the dicovery channel
  17. hope you know there are 4 peaple that use this account

  18. gtasanandreas.net: gtagaming.com: gtacartel.com A Fuck U i could tell you every thang dumb shit so you got problem then fuck u i dont give a fuck, ha bet you dont know who Madd Doggs manager's name is, i want you to tell me when you find out, then i could tell you pay attention to the damn game.
  19. i have seen plane crashes everywere one hit in Downtown Los Santos, 2 it hit the light house in Sana Maria Beach, 3 it hit some rocks in Mount Chiliad, 4 one hit denises house in Ganton, and Five one hit the Garver Bridge in San Fierro, 6 one hit the street going up to Vine wood sign, 7 one hit me at Madd Doggs mansion and 8 one hit the hill behind Catalinas place.
  20. "Azteca Assholes" "Ass Whipers" "Dumb Ass Mork" "Grove Street Smells Like Pussy" "Tha Fuck is on yo feet CJ"
  21. Gangs Control Streets Chaos Mode Infinite Health
  22. Temple, cause i just started a masive gang war there and every were i go in Temple there is a fight going on
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