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  1. The topic was about a Bar fight (Fist Fight) not a machine gun war or some shit.
  2. Everything that had happened in the GTA III series had never happened when your playing GTA IV and everything that had happened in GTA IV had never happened when your playin GTA III and plus cj died after 1992
  3. I hated the gangs cause nearly every gang tried to kill me I hated the point that the leones carried shotguns And I hate all the money i have and there is nothing to do with it
  4. Well maybe i lied about my age

  5. i dont know. the name sounds retarded. im not gonna get it
  6. ha ha ha. i was bored so i just chose to post this
  7. And your perfect endowed motherfucker

  8. blood bitch just watch it drain

  9. hey dude what the hell is your problem mind your own buisness

  10. dude enough already cause you blocked me bitch

  11. go sit on dads lap so he can tell you about his war stories bitch ass n i g g a

  12. congratulations K9 Kunt you went to the school he went to my god dickwad that makes your cool huh let me guess you prabably sucked his father off 2 yeah that so bad shit right there im jelous
  13. pussy bitch K9 Kunt fuck at least i can back my shit up

  14. fuck you smart ass you talk more shit thanh a dog at least a dog has more sense than your sorry ass stupid motherfucker ill fuck you up i dont give a shit who you are callin me a cunt boy yow the 1 with tha cunt

  15. bitch ass motherfucker ill fuck yo sorry ass up, why dont you just get yo ass out here so i could put super glue on the running mouth of yours and maybe give cover your face with a paper bag so you dont have walk around looking like you just had a sezure, stupid pussy as bitch ill take you and yo "SO CALLED" crip or blood homies on

  16. oh sure your so fuckin cool now

  17. i dont need a bunch of blackz to back me up from yo azz

  18. lil faggot, whats your crew called the female dog bloods, shit lil busta Fuck U bitch, suck on deeez nuuuts black

  19. oh yeah and you fuck, you aint got no props in yo set

  20. omg, damn man u still beileve that shit, god mans thats funny, im gonna keep doin this till its over

  21. Alright, but give me credit for the pics that I took and credit for pics that Noru took that I put in. Sure, i can do that
  22. okay then ill put my real info then

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