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  1. I don't exactly speak Spanish. The UK speaks english mate. lrn2internet

  2. eh... who cares. stop flaming my profile.

  3. seriously wtf... honestly.

  4. I think you are lying about your age.

  5. 056california

    who would win in a fight between...

    The topic was about a Bar fight (Fist Fight) not a machine gun war or some shit.
  6. 056california

    CJ in GTA4

    Everything that had happened in the GTA III series had never happened when your playing GTA IV and everything that had happened in GTA IV had never happened when your playin GTA III and plus cj died after 1992
  7. 056california

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    I hated the gangs cause nearly every gang tried to kill me I hated the point that the leones carried shotguns And I hate all the money i have and there is nothing to do with it
  8. 056california

    who would win in a fight between...

    CJ cause he learns how to fight
  9. Well maybe i lied about my age

  10. 056california

    What do you think about the new game.

    i dont know. the name sounds retarded. im not gonna get it
  11. 056california


    ha ha ha. i was bored so i just chose to post this