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Status Updates posted by rappo

  1. There are like seven people that have permission to moderate it, but i'll probably approve most of them :P

  2. haha alright, cool - i just dont want viruses uploaded :P ive already denied three stolen mods, this is looking great! heh

  3. i try to make your job harder :) by the way, do you get a lot of spam uploaded through there? im just wondering what i should expect :P

  4. oh you know. gangster stuff. you?

  5. finaaallllyyy somebody says yo!

  6. Pusi mi kurac.

  7. shut it, iKraps!

  8. thats really weird dude... at work the supervisors made this powerpoint slideshow of all the employees and made up a nickname with whichever photo they used. they used that photo and put my nickname as "Hello thar!" :P

  9. ima really gettin angreh now!! ps: schmexy profile image

  10. it's too late... TAKE YOUR FUCKING!


  12. he also has a bit of english pride

  13. red devil knows his shit!

  14. i am secretely sending private messages to potential revolutionary recruits

  15. I'm highly offended by the lack of a flag for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

  16. if there was an online version of ski, i would crush you

  17. rappo

    doop doop froop. that is all.

    i think we should get one of these shout boxes on gtagaming so i could say doop doop froop to more people.

  18. ukrainian and vietnamese, eh?! nice. what is your ethnicity anyway? seem pretty exotic :P

  19. thanks for the birthday wishes!

    and yes i do pronounce Xbox like that, but that doesnt mean im used to seeing it spelled out like that :P

  20. The heading "Ex Bawks" on your personal site stumped me for a minute...

  21. it's true :(

    and i always shed a little tear when it happens

  22. that kermit image rules

  23. oh yeah definitely. i love pretty much everything on Is This It and then a couple tracks here and there off their other albums. great band!

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