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  1. Nobody said that anything you did was bad, where did that come from? It sounds like you're trying to make this into an attack, when it isn't. I am making an assumption when I say this, but I think people would prefer a legitimate game as opposed to one that's been tampered with, that's all, don’t try to make this post into something that it isn’t. Also, I can read Russian as well as English, so don’t say that about me again. There's no reason to call me a 'сука', that's just rude. Lol Owned w/ the russian reading thing lol also i advise anyone who is stuck on a mission to go to Zoom's thread
  2. Go into SA go Options>Audio Setup>User track Options>Scan User Tracks Hey Presto it realises you have custom music and it should play in-game
  3. Hey Man, Can You Please Do "FreeFall" for me Thanks again http://gtasnp.com/6961
  4. I've been playing for like a bit over a week and i've seen AT LEAST 6-7 planes crash randomly only 1 has done any damage when it landed on my bonnet in some place in the country
  5. Hey Man Can you do flight school for me PLEASE =) http://gtasnp.com/6916 -Cheers, Once again
  6. Hey Man i did driving school but can you do it again and get all golds Please and can you do Zero's mission i hate rc stuff and because your so nice can you get me the right stats to do Woozie's next mission Cheers Mate!!! http://gtasnp.com/6895
  7. I'm not near my computer right now, but I will be later today. I'll do it then, promise. Glad to help. Just like I told Zantarax: I'm not near my computer right now, but I will get to it later today, promise. Heya Man dw about farewell my love!!! can you PLEASE do all driving school and zero's mission im not sure what it's called!!! thanks in advance!!!
  8. K first off talking bout Cracks here aint doing you any favours now i have no idea if this'll work but right click sa icon go properties campatability then make it win 2000 or w/e hope it works :/
  9. Well thats a stupid question becuase madd dogg's manager is CJ becuase you never get given Madd Dogg's original manager's name. See i know that your wrong now becuase you couldn't come back to assult i gave you on the gangs so you thought youcould give me a question that might shut me up, but it didn't and whatever you say to me about San Aandreas and how you know more about it than i do.....I'm just gonna refer to your ultra large ego....that sound good? Hahaha fucking keel that lamo k9 nice guide and you obviously know this game back to front lol. some people are just fucking retards :\
  10. GTASAsf1.b is the save game file the 1 see GTASA in the file name = grand theft auto san andreas and the sf1 = save file one if you change the number at the end it goes to that save slot
  11. your in australia and you like cob =o your awesome!!! i cant be effed having more than 1 gf they annoy me and i end up shooting them anyway there always liek this steak is gay you suck *BOOM*
  12. EDIT: Dw man i did it myself Thanks anyway!!! Hey Man, Can you please finish Farewell, My Love for me -cheers http://gtasnp.com/6862
  13. Man you are a life saver You seriously are THE best I LOVE YOU i might be seeing you soon w/ more missions for you
  14. my gf in sa didnt like the restaurant that i took her to and threw a cup at me so i accidently shot her in the face with duel uzi's :/
  15. Hehe pretty embarrasing but man could you finish sweet's mission on my game i just cant get it! The Mission Is Called : Ceaser Vialpando it should be a breaze for you http://gtasnp.com/6826 -Cheers
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