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  2. The last thing that i copied was this: (a pic) I was posting it on the Saints Row forums
  3. ^^^ heyy dude when i tryed to reply to your PM, it didnt work so heres my reply: Jas ziveam vo Avstralija
  4. elders in my country; Macedonia favour you if your a kid. they are extra nice to the kids heh but too bad i dont live there. I live in Australia and ppl elders are pretty nice to the kids here too
  5. Sorry if its been posted before but yeh 1. Get a car 2. Go to your safehouse in VineWood (not Mad dogs mansion) 3. Drive the car into the backyard where the pool is. Drive against the wall so you dont fall off the edge. 4. do the car flying cheat. Up Down L1 R1 L1 right left L1 Left. 5. Speed into the corner of the wall in the back where the pool is. (not in the pool) 6. You are now in the under world. 7. Pause the map 8. Mark a marker where area 69 is. 9. Fly there 10. Once you get near it, you will be spawned inside. 11. to get out, kill yourself and thats how you do it
  6. why would you guys post pics of yourselves on the internet?
  7. i just got randomedly banned coz one stupid mod called Waddy thought that i made another account to use while i was temp banned! he doesnt wanna believe that the other accounts join date was before i got temp banned. So now every new account i make, he bans! So now im gonna spend much more time here
  8. I even completed the game 100% and i still am curious, but i managed to hijack i regular buffalo from an old guy............. where did u find the origional buffalo? Ive only seen the FIB one
  9. so from there i can go to the subway in the mission and see if the ratman is there coz some guy said it was
  10. Does anyone know where the Liberty City Bank is from three leaf clover??
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