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  1. Long time no see. The forum went quiet after 2008 lol, and I haven't posted for over a year. So, hey
  2. Sup guys, I don't think I ever introduced myself in 2007. So, hi, I'm Michael, I'm 16 (in 8 days) , and I found this site from googling GTA4 stuff
  3. macorules94


    I've got, two tickets to paradise
  4. Excuse me but where am I? Gerard FTW!!!
  5. I actually found it within the first 10 minutes it was announced But I was too busy sayin "I told you so" to the 360 fanboys at GTAForums
  6. I made this topic in the IV section and MrLlamaLlama locked it and said "Errr, yeah... can we keep discussion on the official news thread from now on? " But I can't Start a new topic in this section.
  7. http://www.thegtapla..._0entry373049 Well Excuse me MrLamaLama but
  8. lol raybob, you play GTA IV all the time, I knew you'd definitely love this news
  9. http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/2010/01/29/2861/grand_theft_auto_episodes_from_liberty_city_coming_to_playstation_3_and_pc
  10. OMG HOW DID YOU GUYS MAKE YOUR WINDOW'S LIKE THAT, instead of all bunched up like mine
  11. I just got my first Nuke Today 1/1/2010
  12. Rappo speaks Russian, I speak Macedonian. We can understand eachother.
  13. Од денес, јас сум бил тука за 2 години
  14. Where shall I begin. - Planes. All sorts, even jumbo jets. - Countryside and desert, and THREE cities, and like OVER 10 towns scattered around. - F-U-N missions. they are the funnest bunch of missions ever. - Replay value. Well it came out in 2004 and alot of people including me still play it. Its just the best game ever hands down.
  15. haha koj kje govori besides mene i tebe
  16. I have AVG on my laptop, but it doesn't scan the trojan. Windows defender pops up randomly and says I have one.
  17. LOL haha, seriously? Then why don't they sell them for $349, then they can make a little bit of a profit.
  18. How are they losing money? The Ps3 is the sexiest machine ever made, and if people are stupid enough to buy a 360 instead then thats their problem
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