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    The Game

    Hello i finished the game and i think its a really funny game and its a game u can play over-and-over again some missions are very hard but u get them done in a while... I finished the game in 4 days cuz i was so happy to finalyget it. so plzz write what u think.
  2. Fredotheman

    Yo momma's sooooo fat...

    okey here's 1... Your moma is so stupid she tripped over the cable to the cableless phone lol
  3. Fredotheman

    Save game plzz

    Here it is: v1.0 Game Progress: 96.79% http://gtasnp.com/download/8106 NO CHEATS were used. Enjoy. Ty.
  4. Fredotheman

    Save game plzz

    I overwrited my save game and i really want to finish the game so if any one is at the mission where u are chaseing OG with "mad dogg" plzz give me the save game i dont care what "slot" it is just plzz gimme it... P.S. its an "Madd Dogg's Mansion" mission so if ur close to it or have done it and are just a mission after i dont care... PLZZZZ
  5. Can anyone give me a save game with about 50% of the game finished plzzz i really need it cuz i was stupid enough to make a new save game and overwrited my old one so i need a new one so plzz!
  6. Fredotheman

    How Do I Add Mp3's?

    only make an MP3 Folder in the "gta vc" folder
  7. Fredotheman

    stuck on a mad dogg mission

    Can i have the save game to my save game got overwrited