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  1. nah, i dont think its bigger than SA. and in some races in the challenge series, do get to drive the cop cars
  2. i say the NFS series. I've played MC3 and Juiced as well but NFSMW gets 1st place. Juiced was good for crashinf (cause of the damage models) MC3 was exactly like MC2, but with new cities and liscensed cars.
  3. so ..is anyone going to get this game? or have anyone played any of the demo yet? whats your view on it?
  4. oh, I was wondering why the were no basketballs. I had thought they disspeared cause of all the mods i installed
  5. i can juggle from 5 to 8 seconds, depending on the balls
  6. thinroad

    NFSU2 help

    Which one do u want? The Nissan 240SX or the H2/Supra?
  7. thinroad

    NFSU2 help

    Yep, I went into hiding when the police found out i had a Lv3 240SX
  8. thinroad

    NFSU2 help

    I got a 74% savegame that I stopped playing. 100% parts unlocked LV 3 Nissan 240SX 100% win so far all unique parts except for widebody kit (U need to do 1 more outrun race to unlock it) 1 more race until finished with career mode I have another one with a Lv3 H2 as well
  9. woo! thanks for the info Chris (Both Chris') darn 64mb ati radeon mobility 9700. hope it can run it good.
  10. is it really that bad? i only played the ps2 version so i've yet to try the pc one and skylines right. you cant compare gta to driver
  11. any ol' random pics will do. but then of course you could take more professional ones like the one you posted.
  12. thats a very nice photo! show us more
  13. are the fries supposed to spell out a word?
  14. thinroad

    NFSU2 car pics

    yea, sorry abotu that. i was going to upload the pics on the forum but can only uplad 1 and forgot to remove it. and your car is cool too kokane!
  15. thinroad

    NFSU2 car pics

    nice car chris heres my mustang, supra, h2, is 300 and skyline http://www.gaming-experts.net/nfs/nfsu2/mustang.jpg http://www.gaming-experts.net/nfs/nfsu2/supra.jpg http://www.gaming-experts.net/nfs/nfsu2/h2.jpg http://www.gaming-experts.net/nfs/nfsu2/300.jpg http://www.gaming-experts.net/nfs/nfsu2/sky.jpg
  16. awww....to bad we lost some of the topics
  17. Woo! Its great to see Switch finally moved from gtagaming!
  18. Both gtavc and gta3 have their advantages so its hard to say
  19. I've heard of the 2nd one before. Why is it better to be pissed off? Its better to be pissed off than to be pissed on
  20. pretty cool video. and some crazy grinding! nice hat! EDIT: and whos Gnarkill? Is it the one on VCU?
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