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  1. is there any girls in here?? i mean as a member? i would like to know her.
  2. when tommy meets mercedes in the mission" the party", he asked her about her name, like if he knew her before. what do you guys think???
  3. -no motorcicles -cant burn tires -claud never talks -no helis -that dodo with no wings
  4. just add them in the mp3 folder of vc. careful with the mp3 report, if you fucked it you can get it from de gta3 mp3 folfer.
  5. 1. hes does his work kind of old school style. 2. the dude has balls.
  6. ey what's with the police, bikers and soldiers dancing at the stage in the malibu cleb.
  7. i'm using the 1.o version of SA, downloaded the buildings, skins and weapons mods from here at www.thegtaplace.com/downloads. thing is that i dont know how to put them into the game, nither the modifier. thanks man
  8. I downloaded the mods for buildings but i dont know what modifier to use. if somebody knows please let me know.
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