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  1. can someone tell me where can i get a chopper? i dont like using cheat codes but someone tell me where i can get one on the map or with direccions please.
  2. I´ve been playing Gta 4 for quite a while and i just have a few things to complain. 1- I think that GTA 4´s Liberty City should have been more a like to the GTA3´s Liberty City, or at least show some of the major spots like Marcos Bistro, that even its mensioned and showend in Gta SA and Gta VC. Or maybe that was the whole idea, to make it so much different. 2- Also what happened with the leone Family looks like theres no track of them left in Liberty City.
  3. i think the mafia gang is better. have try to get into their turf after they become your enemies. they blow you up in a sec.
  4. yes dude thats exactly what i ment. mostly when your playing with a keyboard in a pc that you push the accelerator to the bottom.
  5. Does it only happens to me, or Niko Bellic is terrible when shiftting gears?
  6. yeah, what I also know is that whoever takes down Tommy Vercetti must have "big cojones".
  7. I think you could try to patch it. or uninstall and reinstal your game. also have in mind if you have been modding it or messing with the files, that could be it.
  8. Which do you think is the funniest quote in Gta3? Mine: "love saturdays... big boobs!"- Paramedics
  9. Does anybody knows what happend to Tommy Vercetti after he conquered Vice city? any extra information that someone might have, or there is´nt any?
  10. greetings for everybody, i dont know if it just me but i find Claude Speed very alike to Max Payne. Tell me what you think.
  11. I`ve heard a rumor that big foot actually apeared in SA, in Chiliad mountain(correct me if it is not spelled right), or in Back o Beyond. i have also heard that someone toke a picture of it. i`ve never found or saw anything in the game or in the internet. i kown it sounds stupid. please comment.
  12. cool man, i'll reeinstal vc just for that mod.
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