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  1. Once again, congrats.

  2. Congrats on Pwning Hazer.

  3. Lol hazer's comments are fail.

  4. Where have you been?

  5. i seen this lol i thought it was funy didnt like when the baldy hitman came in thought evan though it is just a bit of fun
  6. what gta game has that must be vcs ive never played that
  7. i think it is going to show u im not sure if i have read it wrongly or just imagined it but i think it will show u a view of the car
  8. yeah the usal gta rating in the uk 18 says it on the box at game i think
  9. movie was ok no new footage though
  10. GTA I - cossie GTA II -hm the car that looked like the batmobile GTA III - the car you start off with cant remember the name GTA VC - infernus GTA SA - nrg 500 GTA LCS - cant remember what cars were in it GTA VCS - never played this
  11. no i hated calling up my drivier what would be good is if u could have ur own home showroom all ur cars are on turntable liek things and there gleeming paintjobs glinting in ur eyes i liked my idea lol not everyone would agree
  12. to me i realy coudnt give a shit i just care if the game comes out, these activists can argue there case but it will never win rockstar are too big a company and with all the people buying them surley the millions of people arent wrong when they go out and spend there cash no one is putting the game to there face and forcing them to play it, its all a load of bullshit a way of making money for there pathetic lifes, fuck them the day they win there case is the day when the millions of fans protest about it
  13. i dont liek using the pc for games i prefer to play them on the playstation consoles and the xbox consoles lol dunno why i guess it was because of how bad driver 1 was on the old pcs :| bad memorys lol what is so diffrent about the pc versions? can someone fill me in on the things i am missing
  14. the interioir of the car still looks like shit i guess they have only customized the dash board ohwell i guess ill wait till i get my own car lol
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