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  1. i seen this lol i thought it was funy didnt like when the baldy hitman came in thought evan though it is just a bit of fun
  2. what gta game has that must be vcs ive never played that
  3. i think it is going to show u im not sure if i have read it wrongly or just imagined it but i think it will show u a view of the car
  4. yeah the usal gta rating in the uk 18 says it on the box at game i think
  5. movie was ok no new footage though
  6. GTA I - cossie GTA II -hm the car that looked like the batmobile GTA III - the car you start off with cant remember the name GTA VC - infernus GTA SA - nrg 500 GTA LCS - cant remember what cars were in it GTA VCS - never played this
  7. no i hated calling up my drivier what would be good is if u could have ur own home showroom all ur cars are on turntable liek things and there gleeming paintjobs glinting in ur eyes i liked my idea lol not everyone would agree
  8. to me i realy coudnt give a shit i just care if the game comes out, these activists can argue there case but it will never win rockstar are too big a company and with all the people buying them surley the millions of people arent wrong when they go out and spend there cash no one is putting the game to there face and forcing them to play it, its all a load of bullshit a way of making money for there pathetic lifes, fuck them the day they win there case is the day when the millions of fans protest about it
  9. i dont liek using the pc for games i prefer to play them on the playstation consoles and the xbox consoles lol dunno why i guess it was because of how bad driver 1 was on the old pcs :| bad memorys lol what is so diffrent about the pc versions? can someone fill me in on the things i am missing
  10. the interioir of the car still looks like shit i guess they have only customized the dash board ohwell i guess ill wait till i get my own car lol
  11. well me personally i would try and get a motorbiek into the hospital and run over all the old people as they realyy anoyy me in gta when they just stand there or walk across the road at random times thats my plan if i can
  12. the internet would be good for hacking into ur rivals databases maybe find out about a person on the police website (once you ahve hacked it) wel not know untill the game is released
  13. they used that in gta the first one for p1 you could burt and fart lol good to see it back
  14. the places in north lanarkshire are motherwell bellshill cambuslang newstevenson newrthill coltness ladywell so on and so forth so dont tell me im not scottish im trying to type better so u can read it fool
  15. lol i am from scotland wish for me to talk some scottish slang ? search the internet search for north lanarkshire motherwell in scotland go
  16. lol my spelling is readable i have seen worse from you, and a translator why are u aliterate can you not read, infact why am i evan arguing with you because u have shit ideas :S no one wants to play a sims version of gta if u want it to be like that mod ur sims and stop hassling people about a game which is like real life, because people who want a game like that, dont have a life of there own and u have prooved that so fuck off and stop acting like a baby party boy
  17. exactly ur still gonna be here by the time ur 40 lol i coudnt give two shits if i cant post on here i dont mind the forum i like it its the people who comment in it like for instance u
  18. shut up little boy its probably past ur bed time go and get a cuddle from ur mum and a kiss and get tucked in, ur not evan aged to play the freakin game never mind comment on BAN ME THE LITTLE BOY SPEAKS HE SAYED TO BAN ME GO AHEAD U CAN LOOK AT THE FORUM ANYWAY EVAN IF UR NOT A MEMBER STUPIT FUCKS hazer is a snitch he just went on skys profile then told him lol
  19. do u no something i have not seen 1 nice person on this forum all stuck up ass holes sorry my writing and my thoughts on things arent as valued as assholes who have alot of posts now fuck off ban me hazer u get a life having a fucking party for a game in this country ur classed as a social reject and u just crack me up lol u gonna have little baloons ? wee tea party ur mommy gonna look after the little preciase baby awwwww. lol North Motherwell Mad Sqwad #1 ya fuckin daftys
  20. yes scotish isnt a seperate lanuage i agree but the way people say things and talk are different so please stop insulting me because i dont no perfect english and no i dont need a leep pad, so just stop crying because i dont like ur ideas.
  21. me in 19 and im just saying what i think like u do and ur heads stuck up ur ass if u think ur ideas are good my grammer sorry english isnt my first lanuage scottish is thats why im not spelling like a nerd
  22. hmm good question i think he will try to put it out with his hands the stop drop and roll thing sounds alot to do for something so little dont u think
  23. ive bought a 360 and the games getting delivered to me on realese day woo hoo ill probably sit with my fiance ( ignore her and play the game all day argue with her to play the game and generaly just be an ass so i can play it )
  24. all three guys in the photo look identical
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