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  1. It'll probably teach us not to drink and drive in real life. If we get wrecked, go out in a car and drive all over the place, crashing and killing people it'll be a laugh, but it shows us how difficult it is!
  2. lol I sort of agree if you are saying it in a jokey way. In the real world, some people will put up a fight for a car, some will run and try and call the police. Its REALISTIC. Great info, thanks for posting it
  3. Thanks for the names Swifty and Mark, I couldn't remember many of them. Now that you've said that sports car is a Comet, it does look a bit like a Porsche, it didn't at first glance.
  4. There is no official list of pictures, names or stats of vehicles in the game....yet. So I've been through the screenshots and have tried to get pictures of most of the vehicles I've seen so far. I have tried to give the cars names, but only the ones I know, or I've tried to give the GTA names for them as they tend to carry a lot of the names on to new games - [edit] Cheers for help with the names mark866 and Swifty [edit] Added Trashmaster, Honda Civic stlyle car and Mercedes style car CARS / TRUCKS Lexus style car Van (GMC style?) SUV Subaru Impreza style car (Could be a Sultan or Cadrona) Sports saloon (is it called a Caberra?) Saloon Saloon (liekly to be an Admiral) Luxury Chrysler? saloon (possibly a Stafford but could be something else) Truck (Linerunner?) Mitsubishi Galant style car Estate (may be smaller, such as a Mitsubishi colt) Columbian (I think it was called) Looks like a Honda Civic Saloon (possibly a Washington) 4x4 (Landstalker perhaps) Aston Martin, or could be a Porsche (Comet) Land rover style 4x4 (Huntley) SUV Taxi Taxi saloon LCPD car (sorry, small picture) Trashmaster Mercedes or Luxury saloon New Honda civic style car Karen Dilettante BIKES Sports bike (likely to be a PJC but could be an NRG) BOATS Boat Speedboat Sailing boat / yacht HELICOPTERS Helicopter, black
  5. For your case, I hope that doesn't happen. lol I havent found driving to be a problem. I'm a big fan of driving / racing games. I've found it fun driving around GTA maps in past games, but I know what your saying about it being fun - it can be, but there is something missing most of the time, I dont know what, probably a bit of realism - but its been very good for so far for what they've had to work with. In GTA 4 I'm hoping for some more realism - feeling of speed, difficulty in different cars, which has been mentioned is happening in IV. As long as the cars have a few more different noises, and just feel a bit more realisitc to drive then I'll be happy.
  6. I have asked this at customer service. Normally companies can sneek some DVD's or games a day (or longer) early to you if they get stock early or whatever. But with big releases like this there is a special rule given on the release date, I can't remember what they its called, I think its embargo or something e.g. they say "don't post this any earlier than Saturday 9pm". This happened with the Halo release, most shops had stock days or weeks in advance, at some place in the UK they accidentally sold some copies of Halo 3 about a week before release - I think the retailer got into trouble for it.
  7. It looks a bit like an AK-7u (I think thats what its called off COD 4). Or it could be a made up GTA version of an AK-47 I dunno
  8. I think they might outsell 2:1 if you only count sales from the Sony store lol. I doubt if this could be true as the 360 has a bigger share of the market. Thats unless PS3 gamers happen to be more orderly and organized and have had their pre-orders ordered early (I haven't placed my 360 pre-order yet) , and some website has released their figures so far. Something feels dodgy about that statement anyway
  9. Yeah I think you're right there, they want to keep Nico as the character your playing, not a custom character. Hmmmm, maybe a tatoo I dunno. But Steveo yes its going to be a massive game, just take a look at the trailers, the news updates etc - there will be lots to do, don't worry!
  10. Ughh, ditch the PS2 please! Its soooo outdated now, get into the current generation of consoles if you can. Or wait in hope of a PC release (if you have a decent PC)
  11. What happend to that leaked video and pictures, were they requested to be removed or?
  12. Theres some cool stuff there - Tyres being warn to the rim after being shot, bribing the cabbie, and also reading the full article about the mission he was on - it sound very dramatic!! Bring on GTA!!!!
  13. Not necessarily. Online is likely to hold a small amount of people with no other AI, well thats what I reckon. Unless they could get it like crackdown, then it would be great. It would be nice to get some official information soon, but they are probably going to space information out a bit more from now on
  14. hmmm, I dunno. I've seen them do things like pre order for £1 or £5 etc to guarantee one. You'll have to check in store
  15. I have chosen it because it is cheapest, and did consider the other ones (but thanks for mentioning them). I've used shopto, and they are very reliable (even though the site may not look great at 1st glance). They have an online tracking service that works with every order because they always post by 1st class recorded delivery. You can order up to 5:30pm with them and get games delivered next day free.
  16. I am wandering whats the best thing to do. I might pre-order it at shopto.net because its £37.99 and it'll be guaranteed for release day (is there anywhere cheaper?). Or to wait until near the release day and hope that GAME for a midnight release or something, do you think they would or only on consoles?
  17. That would be cool. Or to light a fag while you're drinking your vodka!
  18. I'm Jack and I'm Welsh, so jackthewelshman is what I used!
  19. Cool, it'll be interesting to hear what its like to actually play the game.
  20. Hello, I'll introduce myself properly. I'm Jack, and I come from Wales, UK. I'm doing my A-levels at the moment and I'll probably go on to university. I like gaming, listening to music (rock / metal), comedy (stand-up, movies or whatever) and talking or getting drunk with my friends! I've been a GTA fan since I was younger and bought the original one for the PS1, I must have spent hours driving around, killing people, and running around farting and burping lol! The only games console I use at the moment is the Xbox 360, but I might get a PS3 one day if it begins to completely out-perform the 360. My gamertag is "jackthewelshman" if you want to add me. I cant wait for GTA IV to be released, it should be amazing!
  21. that game is difficult, but funny! I downloaded the screensaver
  22. lol, it was pretty funny - and they tried to make some short story in there. Not as funny as other short "real" gta videos I've seen.
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