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  1. I wont give anything away about the story here, just the glitch. I'm about 62 missions through the game (or so). I started playing through the mission, and then in the building, suddenly all the furniture dissapeared, and the disc refused to load any new objects. I was forced to find invisible enemies and kill them, thanks to the auto aim, had to go down invisible stairs and had to find my way around objects (e.g. desks or cabinets etc) in the level. I had to walk out the door at the end, it was all blue and invisible enemies again - and some of the invisible cars parked outside exploded nearly killing me. Luckily, the disc began loading thing in again - it was just an annoying thing to happen.
  2. Yeah a tramp is a bum / hobo. I think R* forgot that this may confuse an American audience / other people that use 'tramp' in a diffrerent way. The first thing that comes to my head when I hear "Tramp" is homeless person.
  3. Hah, I've not seen it yet, just the black one you're on about I think - is that a private one, or tour, or actually a Police one like the ones that patrol real NY?
  4. Are there any real spoilers? I'm up to Playboy X
  5. The brightness is slightly annoying, but can be changed in the in game options, I've got used to it now though. The cops are easy to get away from on 1 and 2* after a little but of work, it is more real and fun to escape. 3* plus is a bit of a challenge, but is good.
  6. Theg graphics are very good, but I also get let down my some fuzziness every now and again on my HDTV as well. And a few frame rate drops. However, above this they have done a very good job, with some scenes looking like real life, and others looking very good. I have looked into the problem and there doesnt seem to be such a problem with frame rate and fuzziness on a standard def TV, it looks much more stable - but not as good in the better scenes due to HDTV's higher res etc.
  7. I think its living up to the hype for me now, it takes a few hours of play to get into it - its awesome! The only thing that could be improved is a steadier frame rate, and clearing up more glitches - but this is difficult as many have been ironed out already
  8. Got mine in the post today!! And got one for my mate at Wollies @ 8.30 this morning
  9. What about the 'Las Venturas' advert on Niko's TV. A possibility, but maybe too much like SA
  10. Wow! Thats about the amount they use to make films with! Rockstar have put alot of effort into this game as they do for all their games and I'm very happy to hear it. Source: http://www.psxextreme.com/ps3-news/2978.html F-ing hell! $100m - thats loads of cash!! Just to put it into perspective, here are some things to compare it to Lord Of The Rings movies: They cost $99m EACH on average (2001 / 2002 / 2003) The Lost World: Jurassic Park - $75m in 1997 James Bond: Goldeneye - $60m in 1995 GTA IV: $100m I think Crackdown was just under $50m and Halo was around $60m - but thats just from what I've read in the past, it may not be true. Its bound to be worth it though, it is a masterpiece. I hope they can make enough profit to continue making GTA games!
  11. Cool - a bit of cannabis, before we can have the crack!! "I'm the one who survived" hmmmmm....more things that make us think I WANT GTA!!
  12. Tut tut. Mind you, if I had the chance to buy it at ASDA during last week, I would have. I just think its stupid that someone has gone and told on them. I mean, it was likely to either be - a person tricking someone who has no knowlege of the gaming industry, or some guy selling it to his mate.
  13. I dont want to be tempted to cheat either - I'm saying now that I wont use them. But if the game gets difficult, I dont want to know about cheats, I'll look after the main story!!
  14. Well its a way for them to cut corners, maximising profit. Why invest in servers you may not need all the time. I'm sure they will be better prepared this time! It wont really bother me anyway with such a great single player game - its not over in a few hours like COD.
  15. I agree. The video was good, it gave us some background information on the mysterious Niko - and explains a few things, and shows what his feelings are. Rockstar have thought of just about everything! And the graphics looked great
  16. Might be true, but I have a Special Edition pre-order with them for my youbger brother, I havent had a dsipatch notification yet. I think they're posting them monday as they're using Special Delivery for free.
  17. My GTA order says its been dispatched on the GAME website. But I think they've just got it ready, stacked at Royal Mail - I doubt they'd post it today EDIT - removed order no, just incase! http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/7369/capture10mr3.jpg
  18. There are hunsreds of Gamertags that have played it now, after this morning! Arggghhh!!
  19. You bloody bumper! Bumpers should be warned, unless its bringing up an interesting topic that people can still reply to. Or if its a funny bump Amazing poll though, I would have voted last year, or a few months back
  20. Yeah I am, I should have checked when I was up there a few weeks ago. I'll just have to wait until I get home to play it Heres the list of GAME stores BTW - http://www.game.co.uk/gtastores/ Did you get a pre-order in store?
  21. I pre-ordered online, so theres no way of me collecting it from GAME's midnight launch - I didnt know my local shop would do it, but it is participating.
  22. I would have gone out to Camarthen to get it - I thought, "nah Camarthen wont do it" lol! I pre ordered with GAME online, instead of in-store argghhhh!!!
  23. lol. what makes you say that? i honestly think his head is too big! Exatley, his body looks quite small with a sort of regular sized head, a lot of midgets looks like this I think. Good work though - trying to kill time before GTA IV!
  24. Seems sorta fake to me. The date at the top left looks a bit weird, along with the message at the bottom of the letter. I also believe more information would have been included, and we would have heard from shops by now. Whats the point in sending a letter which may not get to shops until Saturday?
  25. I have no chance, I have a PC in my house with 512mb RAM on XP 1.8GHZ Processsor - AMD of some sort 128mb graphics - lol And its slow, crammed and about 4+ years old Or My laptop i'm using now, lololol 2gb RAM on Vista 1.9GHZ Intel Dual Core 128mb ATI onboard graphics DVD (x16 i think) Never mind, 360 it is!
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