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  1. Cool I knew Pay n Spray shops were still present, but I thought reducing wanted level by Pay n Spray was taken out altogether, which makes things slightly less realistic - I was wrong.
  2. Yeah, I feel like I've read that or something similar, but a few months ago (or what feels like a few months anyway)
  3. what an idiot lol, how the hell did he manage to dig it out to bump, and why
  4. Hmm - as other people have said - "Interesting" It looks like its fake / photoshoped to me. Unless its just very good, clean work. It just looks to high res and too detailed tob be real graffiti, and random - except for the last one which could have been you. [EDIT] I've just read his original post - its not supposed to be real, just a vid..............ahhh, quite a good vid
  5. The guy who made the topic means, these stores have taken 1000's and some hundreds of thousands of pre-orders - there is likely to be a problem where not enough stock has come in. But that could be one of the reasons why most major retailers have had stock already so they can sort their shit out. UK guys, I hope Royal Mail dont get more orders than they can handle, especially if they're going out monday. I suspect stores like GAME have an arrangement of a Saturday pickup so they go out early monday, ready for Tuesday delivery
  6. Its has just about the perfect blend of realism. You can eat and drink to regain health, driving is more real, the games physics have improved.......etc. Yet you dont have to re-fuel your car, and don't permamently die when you die, or get locked up forever when arrested - which would be too real.
  7. That looks good man!! I've put it as my background, but its a bid wide for my screen
  8. Same - i'm using Firefox, I just need one refresh usually. With the Social Club it only works in IE for me for some reason.
  9. Good vid - Ive already seen a better version though. They analyse the whole video and then do that at the end. Type in GTA trailer 4 analysis - i think Gamevideos do it or sum1
  10. I'll look forward to seeing it and holding the game in my hands. I probably wont want to break the precious seal for a few seconds. I'll carefully unwrap it - looking at the shiny new box. Unlike some people I'll pull out the manual, open it - smell it and embrace it! lol lol. Then I'll look at the disc, crack it in and play!!! I cant wait to steal my first car, kill my first ped, kill my girlfriend, kill a cop, shoot the guns, see the views - EVERYTHING!!! I cant wait anymore, bloody crack dealers. .........i'm just going to knock one out
  11. Good drawing - I doubt if its a speed drawing. More like slow, then fast forwarded - i'm sure. I'm sure he is very skilled, I havent used Adobe Iluustrator CS3 - some of it could have been down to the quality of the program though.
  12. The link doesnt work anymore I dont think - surely they have sold out. All you can do is get lucky, or get the special edition The serious GTA fans pre-ordered before the rush, and some lucky ones (not me) got the special one @ £39.99 thanks to an Amazon misprice
  13. Amazing! I'm just over a minute in, ive paused to reply. Lol @ the Peter Moore thing when he says "some guys do rubber ducks, some do tatoos" - and the music added to it is good!!!!!
  14. It was fun to watch, with that dramatic music but It looked really really fake to me but thanks for showing it anyway. It started dodgy when he showed the box that hes stolen from a shop, notice he doesn't show the back of the box Theres very shoddy camera work, as if he couldnt be bothered or it was faked The video was strange, why all those lighthouses (or whatever they were) and weird music which rockstar would be unlikely to use. Perhaps its from the start of a film as fallenclyro said.
  15. I know what you mean, but it is new york.
  16. Cheers, just ordered here instead of shopto
  17. I'll try and put some up at my school this week. I'll take pictures if I do
  18. Ah yes it is sorry, you can lock this now if you want. Link to scans - http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=311011
  19. I got this magazine last week, and started taking pictures of the magazine. This would have been much better to upload it when it was fresh, exlusive news. But I've only just got round to cropping and uploading the images. Heres page 1,2,3,4 - I'll try and do more tonight, if not I'll try and do it tomorrow Excuse the quality, I had to take pictures with closer pictures of the writing FRONT COVER P1 and P2 overview P2 zoom in P3 and P4 overview Page 3 closeup 1 Page 3 closeup 2 Page 4 closeup 1 Page 4 closeup 2 Page 4 closeup 3
  20. Cool, cheers for the upload - I'll read some of it soon. I'm going to upload a PSM3 preview as well
  21. Cool. hopefully we'll hear about some more stuff. PSM3 UK got a hands on exclusive of the game, has that been posted here or shall I try and take some pictures of the pages?
  22. Cool I'll add it soon, I forgot about that one.
  23. Yeah I think it is, I posted it in the other car topic, but a different picture
  24. Cheers, the GTA site is sooooo slow, I just go on youtube for most of them.
  25. Have you seen what Dilettante means / is used as - "a person who takes up an art, activity, or subject merely for amusement, esp. in a desultory or superficial way"; dabbler. or "showing frivolous or superficial interest" or "an amateur who engages in an activity without serious intentions and who pretends to have knowledge" They're having a pop at celebrities trying to "save the world by buying a car" and other people in the world for that matter.
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