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  1. Ya, I went to radio shack and they told me to hit the reset button on my modem and it still doesn't work. I said I needed a new ethernet cable because the ethernet light blinks twice a second and that I didnt have a strong connection but he didn't think it was a wire problem.
  2. I just bought my first PS3 game today. SvR 08...wow.I owned it for PS2 and holy hell the graphics almost made me cry.
  3. I could try but doesn't that only work when you go to the sign in screen?
  4. Ok so I got all that shit done, turns out I had to be 18 so I just lied. But now when I try to log into my account it just says please wait for like 2 mintues then says your time has run out, God everytime I take a step forward there comes another problem.
  5. I'm just setting it up by my comp and using that enthernet but I have another problem or course. I am trying to register so I can go to the PS Store but everytime I type my e-mail and password it says I need a master account but I can't find out how to create one anywhere.
  6. Yes thanks so much lol. I've played the game for 3 years and haven't found them. I'll try now.
  7. I actually think I have a spare one lol. This is sweet.
  8. I don't know how to get a girlfriend on the game. Only Denise and that bitch from Las Venturas because they're missions but I can't get any others, does anybody have a map showing where to find them?
  9. Ya I only have the 40 GB one, I don't have cables, how much are they to buy.
  10. There's demos on the 40GB?
  11. Alright I bought it today...but I did not realize that you couldn't play PS2 games on the PS3 so...ya I'm screwed until I buy a game.
  12. That sounds a little extreme. I'm sure he would have admitted to accidentally shooting him.
  13. So it doesn't come with this on-line thing? I need to buy all that shit?
  14. Whats this PSN ID thing? are you telling me that the PS3 comes with a cable and with that I can play on-line? do I just plug it into a phone jack? or how do I get a PSN ID?
  15. Fists, silenced pistol, and AK. But I just mostly walk around with a silenced pistol, maybe an AK when I'm having gang wars.
  16. It's a movie, came out in 06 and it's about a man who lives in the hood and tries to get his son back. Does anybody else think this is simular to San Andreas? a black guy with an undershirt on and blue jeans? there is also a scene where the radio is on and it announces something about the two bank robbers and it sounds alot like Julio G from Radio Los Santos. It also takes place in LA. Thoughts?
  17. Actually I'm changing mine lol. I forgot that they had a classic rock station so my new favourites have to be Radio Los Santos and K-DST.
  18. Do you honestly think that GTA is trying to put clues in their screenshots?
  19. Good to see another Canadian on the board. Rep homie.
  20. I didn't like it because I hate Undertaker.
  21. Anybody here a conspiracy theorist? I'm talkin illuminati 2012 Area 51 shit. Anybody out there as paranoid as me? post some crap here too that you think might be interresting.
  22. Oh ok. Man this is exciting, I got my PS2 in like 2001 and was on top of the world. Then XBox game out, then PS3 then 360 then Wii and all of the sudden PS2 is the new Sega Dreamcast. The only reason I never bought a Wii or an XBox was because I didn't want to get used to a whole new controller but the PS3 is perfect. Amazing graphics and the same controller!!! I've spend years buying the shittier version of games that look so much better on other systems and finally I am on top again when I get this PS3 which I am hoping is in the next week and if i am very lucky I could get it tommorrow (saturday). I can't wait to get MLB 08.
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