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  1. BULL

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    basicly what I would like to see is Gta london 1969 re-made. that would be so cool london in the 60s
  2. this proberly has been said already i cant be bothered to read the whole lot, the map looks like a beta map coz flint county is linked with los santos EDIT. oops its just up the page
  3. I am inclined to agree with the above, as u see it all the time in the desert.
  4. Do ya think it would run on my laptop Acer aspire 5315 Vista basic intel celron 540 252mbmobile intel graphic media x3100 1gb ddr2 80gig hd
  5. I think he was useing gta4 as an excuse because your not gonna go to the airport and jack a plane and when they catch you, oh i was just seeing as if it was as easy as san andreas. i think he wanted to jack a cab and thought he would use the game as an excuse. just my 2p
  6. SORRY OFF TOPIC ooooo shite... why didnt sumone tell me, doi have to start again now, im on the last mission and hvent done any sides.
  7. Thinking ahead here I wonder if they will do little havana wars or soming like that
  8. if u build an empire protection ring the biggest one there is a pole dancer in that
  9. I had pretty much everything until my pc crashed and lost everything. I even had new insides of shops etc
  10. can some one plz show me on a map where this 'alleged' cave is?
  11. wot theres no chainsaw or mini gun my opinion of this great game is going down even more :'(
  12. Thanks thats something. i couldnt find it on google
  13. the one i flew with cheats had rockets
  14. I have seen that before somewhere.
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